Thursday, 17 October 2019

Five Ways to be a Lightworker

A lightworker is a soul whose primary purpose in a lifetime is to be a beacon of light in the world. During this time period of accelerated ascension, lightworkers have an important role to play.

As a lightworker, here are five ways in which you can shine light into the world-

Reiki Practice 

When you stay committed to your Reiki practice, you automatically do light work. This is because you anchor the light of high frequency Reiki on Gaia.

As you heal yourself with Reiki, you upgrade your own levels of consciousness. Lower energies dissolve and you begin to experience spiritual ascension very naturally. As you ascend into higher levels of consciousness, it helps Gaia ascend too.

Honour your Passions

When you follow your heart and honour your passions, you channel light into the world. Your passion makes you come alive. And when you come alive, your vibration receives a natural boost. Your energy then automatically makes a positive difference to others. Honouring your calling may or may not fetch you financial remuneration. However, you still make some time and space for it to be part of your life, simply because it is a part of who you are.

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Call on Angels 

Angels vibrate at very high frequencies of unconditional love and pure light. They are coming to our planet in ever increasing numbers to assist Gaia through her ascension process. They are also eager to assist people through their spiritual awakening and to help them transcend the challenges of human life. When you choose to work with the Angels, you allow their vibration to touch your life. You begin to embody angelic energy and automatically channel more light into the world.

Be Authentic 

As we grew up, many of us got very comfortable pretending to be who we are not. It felt safe to wear a mask than to show our raw authentic selves to the world. However, as we ascend in consciousness, donning a mask does not help. It can have an energy draining effect and dim our light. Dropping any masks you may be wearing and choosing to be your authentic self will help your light shine brighter in the world. Be who you are in a respectful way and do not apologise for it!

Embody Peace

All of us come across instances in everyday life where we encounter lower vibrational energies. Maybe your co-workers engage in unkind gossip, maybe you are required to interact with people who spread hate messages on social media or maybe you encounter some other situation that propagates darkness in the world. Instead of getting sucked into the drama or feeling miserable about the state of affairs in the world, you can choose to embody peace. When you find yourself in dark situations, speak your truth with courage and stand for peace and light, all without being imposing. After all, this is what you are here to do!

Shine bright, dear Lightworkers!

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Healing the Ancestral Line : Archangel Michael Speaks

Dear Ones,

I, along with my team of a million Angels, send you love and light!

We have seen many of you grieving over loved ones who have transitioned.

Maybe there was something you wanted to tell them and you couldn't.

Maybe you recognised their strengths, love and positive attributes only after they transitioned. 

Maybe you had a million reasons to be angry with them while they were around, but now feel like you could have resolved your issues, if only the ego could have been put aside.  

We see your pain, dear ones. We send love straight into your heart. Be gentle with yourself. Have compassion for yourself.

What we wish for you to know now is that everything happened for a reason. There were lessons to be learnt and karmas to be cleared. As hard as this sounds to the human self, check in with your soul to see if this holds true for you or not.  

You are now ascending to a level of consciousness, where many problems of the past don't seem like problems at all. If you were at the same higher level of consciousness back then, you may have viewed every crisis you faced in a different light. Your response to a difficult person or challenging situation may have been very different. 

There's a reason things unfolded the way they did. We want you to know that your loved ones are not really lost. They are always accessible through a consciousness dial. 

 Image by klimkin from Pixabay

We send you the following words to help you make a new and empowered heart connection with your ancestors and other loved ones on the other side.

Dear I AM Presence, I call upon you to assist me with my soul work today. I ask for the column of pure white light to envelop my body and energy field. 
Dear Archangel Michael, I request you to strengthen my energy field with the highest frequencies of power and light.

Dear Mother Mary, I request you to over light this work with your infinite love.

Dear Goddess Quan Yin, I request you to send the flame of compassion to wrap my tender heart in loving warmth.

Dear Star Mothers from across Star Systems and Space-Time, I request you to hold me in the highest and purest frequencies of starlight.

Dear Archangel Azrael, I request you to help me make a safe connection with my ancestors and family members on the other side. 

In the name of my I AM Presence-

I first ask for the purest frequency of unconditional love to envelop my own heart. 

I now call on the forces of light to help me connect with my ancestors and other loved ones that have left the Earth plane. 

I call on the forces of light to help me forgive myself for any perceived mistakes I may have made with regard to my ancestors. 

My dearest ones(mention specific ancestors/family members if you wish too), 

We experienced some difficult moments while you were in embodiment. I am sorry we had to experience anything other than love. But I trust the lessons our souls learnt together. I am now ascending to a higher 5D level of consciousness, where love stands more ground than any other form of energy. From this new level of consciousness, I wish to ask for forgiveness for any trauma that played out between us. I intend to have love form the new paradigm of my reality. I send you love from my heart. I honour the strengths and blessings you have passed on to me. And I intend that any challenges we faced together or any negative patterns we experienced are washed away into the light, to be healed and transmuted for the highest good of all. 

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you (Hooponopono) 
I command the forces of light to dissolve any negative cords between us and seal us in a bubble of love and light instead. 

May peace be our new reality.

 I love you from the depths of my heart. I now wish to stay connected to you through the bubble of light. It has been an honour connecting with you today. Thank you. 

Take three deep breaths and relax. Ground yourself.
Once done, light a candle and ask that its light be sent to your entire ancestral line and to specific souls from your family line that you feel need healing.

Stay blessed, dear ones. All is well. 

Archangel Michael and Team

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 16th October, 2019. 

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Healing the Mother Wound : Sirius Speaks

Dear Ones,

We speak to you from the Star System of Sirius! We send you love and light!Today we wish to assist you with healing deep rooted mother wounds.

The mother is a significant aspect of every individual’s life- she is the life giver, the nurturer, the pillar, the wellspring of love and nourishment.The relationship with the mother sets the stage for one’s relationship with life itself.

However, what transpires in 3D reality is often very different from what the ‘ideal situation’ must be. This is because human mothers are also subject to the same influences of darkness, pain and trauma as every other soul incarnated on Earth.

As per her chosen path, karma and patterning, your own mother exists (or existed) at a certain level of consciousness. If you have suffered mother related wounds or are suffering from them currently, this is the time to work on healing yourself to the best possible extent.

It may help you to know, that many lightworkers choose to experience difficult mother relationships. They choose to suffer certain wounds as these wounds help them do the work of transmutation they are here to do.

However, as an awakening being of the light, you do not have to carry the burden way longer than required. Maybe these wounds served a purpose in the years gone by, when you had to clear karmas rapidly or learn some tough lessons. However, you are now ascending to a level of consciousness where holding on to these old wounds and stories does not serve you any more.

 Image by thedanw from Pixabay

Your mother has (or had) her own karmas to work through and her own soul path to walk on. We urge you to honour her path, as challenging as it seem on the outside. However, YOU have the power to dissolve any cords and clear any mother wounds that you may be holding on to.

We know, dear ones, that is no easy feat, for the ‘mother wound’ is one of the deepest, densest and darkest of wounds that haunts the collective consciousness of humanity. However, every little step you take to bring the light in can make a huge difference. Trust the words we speak, beautiful souls.

We send these prayerful words to you. You may choose to read it or write it down. You may also choose to do this near a fire or candle to help with greater cleansing.

Healing the Mother Wound : Prayer

Dear I AM Presence, I call upon you to assist me with my soul work today.
Dear Archangel Michael, I request you to envelop my energy field with the highest energies of power and light.

Dear Mother Mary, I request you to over light this work with your infinite love.

Dear Goddess Quan Yin, I request you to send the flame of compassion to wrap my tender heart in loving warmth.

Dear Star Mothers from across Star Systems and Space-Time, I request you to hold me in the highest and purest frequencies of starlight.

In the name of my I AM Presence-

I now ask for the light to shine on the mother wound that has grown deep within my psyche, from this lifetime as well as from lifetimes across space-time.

I ask for the gentle cleansing of all pain and trauma I may be carrying with regard to my mother.

I ask for the light to dissolve and transmute all unhealthy cords between me and my mother and to transform them into power and wisdom.

I ask for the light to heal my tender heart and also that of my mother’s to the extent that her soul allows it.

I ask for the light to help me restore any lost energy generated from the mother wound.

I choose to stand in my own power and light, no matter what.

And so it is!

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 12th October, 2019.

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

Keep Going Lightworkers! - The Star Beings Speak

Dearest Starseeds and Lightworkers,

Greetings from the Pleiades and from Sirius! 

We are so happy to connect with you today.

We speak to you from two different star systems yet we share a collective voice, for we have a common message for you.

Many of you reading this message are breaking out of the veil of amnesia at this time. Some of you are already awake, fully. 

How does it feel to be awake, dear one?

How does your body feel?

What about your mind? 

What emotions do you feel when you recognise the truth of who you are? 

Everything that you feel about your awakening is sacred, beloved ones. Honour your emotions , fully and completely. Maybe you feel a sense of relief to be waking up. You have been asleep for so long, completely oblivious to your own truth. But it was all for a higher purpose. Wasn't it so, beloved ones? 

Image by Lumina Obscura from Pixabay

Maybe you feel love and joy as you awaken! Enjoy it. You've always longed for 'home,' haven't you, sweet ones? Now that you are awake, you have retrieved access to a reservoir of infinite love. In fact, this love has always been your reality. Anything else you experienced during your time on Earth was just an illusion. It was just part of the game so you could get a taste of the darkness that's prevalent on Gaia. 

You are not here to engage with the darkness for a minute more than you agreed to prior to incarnating. You are here to shine the light. 

The darkness in other people or in the world around you shall not be your concern any more, dear ones. Your only concern hereafter shall be the light that you have come to shine. Your light does not glow brighter when you fight the darkness, dear ones. It glows brighter when you simply choose the light, no matter what is happening around you.

We see that some of you feel nervous about your role. To you, we shall say-

Be afraid and do it anyway!

You are warriors of light, dearest ones. Once you step into your role full on, we assure you that all traces of nervousness shall dissipate. A power much greater than your nervousness shall take over and shine through you.

You're doing great, dear lightworkers, and you will continue to do great!

Your commitment is to the light and light alone.

We do not have to reiterate this fact, for we see that you have begun to feel this within the  bones of your body.

We are here to support you every step of the way. We are just a thought away, brave ones. If you ever feel lost, simply reach out to 'Home' and we shall send help your way...

Keep going, dear ones, keep going......

With all our love, until next time
Your Star Families from the Pleiades and Sirius

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 26th September, 2019.

Monday, 7 October 2019

"I AM Enough" : Archangel Michael Speaks

Dear Ones,

The collective consciousness on Earth holds the dense frequencies of discrimination, superiority and inferiority. On the outside, many souls put up a show of 'doing just fine." while within themselves rages a fire called "I am not enough."

Every culture ascribes its own meaning to what is 'enough' or 'good enough.' If a soul born into a particular culture absorbs negative impressions of 'I am not enough' into its aura, it can create a huge block in the solar plexus, besides disrupting the energy body as a whole.

Dear ones, you know what in your own family, culture, city or country is perceived as 'good enough' or 'not good enough.' You know if your solar plexus bears the weight of this negative energy. You are likely to have felt it giving yourself Reiki.

Now that you are well acquainted with the light, I would urge you to be more conscious of the times when you hear the words "I am not enough" within you or when you feel the heaviness of those words in your body.

 Image by Hans Braxmeier from Pixabay

Warriors of Light, you know deep within your soul that you are always enough. And so is every other soul.

You are here to shine the light in a dark world.

You are among the first ones waking up to a new and empowered reality where 'I AM enough' is truth.

You must live knowing fully well that you are enough.

You must radiate this energy out into the world.

It shall not be easy, sweet ones. I know and you know that too!

But who ever said the work you are here to do on Earth would be easy? Yet you signed up for this mission, because you knew you had the potential to accomplish it.

I present a "Violet Hat of Alchemy" to you, beautiful ones. Every time you feel the energy of "I am not enough," don this hat of alchemy.  Direct the energy of 'I am not enough' into this hat, and watch or feel it come out transformed into "I AM Enough."

Breathe in this new frequency as you say to yourself with strength and conviction-

"I AM Enough."

You shall begin to see every one as enough, dear ones. No matter who an individual is, where he lives or what she does, does not matter. In the eyes of a lightworker, he or she is always 'enough.'

People who appear to be seemingly 'behind' in life can always improve their expertise, dear ones. They can choose to be more efficient and productive if they so wish. But no one, not one soul, is more or less worthy than any other simply on the basis of external parameters. And this is the truth that you shall stand by in this lifetime.

Stay blessed, dear lightworkers. 

Much love, until next time
Archangel Michael

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 24th September, 2019. 

Thursday, 3 October 2019

Finding your Soul Tribe : Pleiades Speaks

Dearest Ones,

As lightworkers, you have an important role to play here.

However, at times, you feel all alone on the path.

The truth, dear ones, is that there are innumerable lightworkers scattered across the planet. Many among them belong to your very own 'Soul Tribe.' This means you have a shared common purpose with specific lightworkers in this lifetime.

Each lightworker in a Soul Tribe carries a unique piece of a puzzle they are here to unravel as a group. The puzzle piece in your hand may not be the same as the piece in a fellow lightworker's hand. However, if you are part of the same Soul Tribe, then both your pieces are needed to complete the puzzle. Therefore, dear ones, trust your intuition when it whispers that someone is part of your Soul Tribe - even when they appear to be different from you on a human level and even if they are in a different physical location than you.  

The Universe has its own way of drawing members of a Soul Tribe together. You shall unite with the members of your tribe in your own way, at your own time.

Honour the gifts the members of your Soul Tribe bring to this Earth, as you honour your own gifts.

Honour your connection with them and send them love through your heart centre.

The following light language codes carry the energetic essence of connection with your Soul Tribe.

Rizave Matse
Herave Breve
Matse Matse Matse
Matse Matse Matse

You may chant or meditate on these codes to help draw in your Soul Tribe so you may begin to fulfil your mission together.

With love, until next time
Your Star Family from the Pleiades

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 30th September, 2019.