Thursday, June 13, 2019

Energy Transmission from Sirius

Dear Ones,

We long to communicate with you as much as you long to communicate with us. 

We have so much love for you. We stand beside you now, irrespective of whether you can see us or not, irrespective of whether you can feel us or not.  

We send you love now, which you may instruct your senses to perceive as baby pink shimmering bubbles landing softly all over your body, pervading your aura and permeating every particle in you. We ask that you allow yourself to relax and receive these this love.

                                             Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Breathe deeply and soak in the love and peace that these bubbles bring to you. Feel some of them landing in your heart centre. As they touch the heart, a shower of golden light rises up from there. 

Allow this golden light to envelop you from head to toe. As you continue reading further, pause at every out breath and send this golden light mixed with pink bubbles to the following, one at a time -

  • Yourself 
  • Your parents
  • Your romantic partner (if you have one)
  • Your children (if any) and to all the children on Earth
  • Any other members of your family  
  • Your friends 
  • Your neighbours
  • To political systems across the world
  • To hospitals around the world 
  • To spiritual and healing communities world over
  • To prisons around the world 
  • To war torn zones on Earth
  • To any other system/place that you feel guided to
  • To the plant, animal and mineral kingdoms
  • To Gaia herself

You are the bearers of this frequency. This frequency was kept locked in the depths of your heart. It is now unlocked and for you to use as you deem fit. Your breath carries it. Your third eye radiates it. Your intention gets it moving. 

Precious ones, keep up the good work! Let your flame burn bright. Do not fear. We walk beside you every step of the way. 

If you would like a more tangible connection with us, simply look up at the stars in the night sky. We shall wave out to you! You may see us through the power of your clairvoyance or you may feel our energy. And as you look up, we shall send more and more of the baby pink bubbles for you to soak in. 

We love you beautiful souls. 

Until next time...
Your Star Family from Sirius 

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this transmission was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 13th June, 2019.


Preparing for the Full Moon :17th June, 2019

Many of us on the healing path grapple with dysfunctional patterns over and over again. Early in my journey, when I had no clue about what was going on, the same dysfunctional issues would show up every few weeks and I would feel helpless about how to handle them. The same old fears, the same old anxieties, the same old limiting beliefs....same old...same old...for YEARS! 

Unhealed dysfunctional patterns show up even now. But the difference is that now I feel more  empowered to handle them.

As a child, I had heard people in my family discussing that 'mad' people find their madness levels spike during the full moon. On a softer note, what this means is that those who suffer from mental illnesses feel their conditions growing more intense during the full moon. However, 'madness' is a spectrum. While someone with a diagnosed mental illness may be on the higher end of the spectrum, almost all of us have some aspects in our lives that appear 'mad.' These are the dysfunctional patterns that hold us back from living at our highest potential. These are the patterns that keep us locked in fear, anxiety, procrastination, limited thinking, poverty consciousness and the like. 

It is a generally accepted fact in the energy healing community that our dysfunctional patterns present themselves intensely during the full moon.
Though this theory may be invalid from the point of view of a hardcore scientist, I have observed this to be true, at least in my own life. And as I understand, it is true for many others too. 

Of late, I have begun to track the time of month when my unhealed stuff is pushed to the surface. And it is invariably, a few days before the full moon. 

 Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

Around the full moon, the circumstances of my life arrange themselves such that I am forced to deal with some uncomfortable patterns that I have not yet let go of. It happens to some extent around the time of the new moon too. But it feels extremely intense during the full moon. 

Though this process feels scary and uncomfortable, it holds a gift within it. It presents an opportunity for us to stand face to face with our dysfunctional patterns and to release them if we wish to. This process is undoubtedly hard. But if we can summon our will to move through it with courage, the light awaits us at the end of the tunnel! 

With the full moon coming up on the 17th of June, the time is ripe for you to track your own life. What's happening in your life right now? What emotions are you feeling? Is something throwing you off balance? Is an old pattern screaming for your attention? How are you feeling physically? Mentally? 

Make note of your observations. Know that this is simply an opportunity to clear the old and is nothing to feel afraid of.  If there's some old energy that you feel ready to clear, work towards it. 

Use the Violet Flame. Do some Hooponopono. Journal. Meditate. Talk to a trusted friend or family member. Seek help from a therapist if required. Talk to your Guides and Angels. Ask them to help you release the old energy. Eat well. Drink pure water.  And get plenty of rest. 

This too shall pass and you will emerge with stronger wings!

We are all in this together. Sending you love 💖💖💖

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

The Violet Flame

Dear Friends,

Today I am feeling guided to share a priceless resource called the "Violet Flame Challenge" with you. This unconditional offering by a beautiful community called Summit Lighthouse is what helped me experience the beauty and power of the Violet Flame.

No matter what I write, I cannot do justice to describing this energy. All I can say is that ever since the Violet Flame has become a part of my life, I am able to let go of negativity and discord a hundred times more easily than before. I have absolutely no clue about how it works but all I know is that it does.

 Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When anxious, the Violet Flame has helped clear my mind of a million toxic thoughts. When angry and upset, it has helped heal my heart of its pain. When feeling less than abundant, it has helped me rise into a higher state of prosperity consciousness. When fearful, it has catapulted me into feeling trust and courage. In short, it has helped me snap out of negative emotional states almost at lightning speed, when in the past it may have taken me hours, days or even weeks to transform!

This work is experiential. You will understand it only when you do it. And the more often you do it, the deeper you go. This is the reason taking this 30 day challenge can be so helpful.

If you feel ready to work with the Violet Flame, I encourage you to check out this link and sign up for this free 30 day challenge- 

And if you feel inspired to, do share your Violet Flame experiences with me! You can reach me on

With Love


Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Your Life's Purpose : 2012 and Beyond

Prior to incarnating on Earth, every soul signs an energetic contract under the guidance of its Higher Self and Spiritual Team. This soul contract primarily outlines the following-

1. The Earth family the soul will be part of (biological parents, adoptive parents, siblings etc)
2. The karma the soul will clear during its incarnation and the lessons it will learn.
3. The life purpose of the soul, which is like the core theme that underlies a particular incarnation.

In the larger scheme of the cosmos, every soul's life purpose is important. Nothing is more or less. However, in this article, we will only look at life purpose in the context of a lightworker's life.

Healing and service form the core themes of a lightworker's life purpose.

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lightworker souls choose their life circumstances in accordance with their  purpose of healing and service. The soul may choose a birth family that will support its life purpose directly or indirectly. Some souls choose to learn primarily through love based experiences by incarnating into happy and nurturing families, while other souls choose to learn through fear based experiences by incarnating into challenging and dysfunctional families.

Similarly, the soul also chooses its education, career, circle of friends, romantic partners, spiritual growth and the like, taking into account the bigger picture of its life purpose (and karma if any).

Generally speaking, after incarnating on Earth, the lightworker soul remains unawakened for some years and lives life as a victim . However, at a specific point in time, the soul awakens and experiences a huge shift in consciousness. Karma is cleared quickly. Lessons are learnt effectively. And the soul gradually lets go of victim based consciousness. The soul embarks on a journey of self-healing.

Over time, the soul evolves from focusing solely on self healing and encompasses planetary healing. It is eager to assist other souls on their journey. Thereafter, its service may expand even further to include universal or intergalactic healing.

The years leading up to 2012 served as a point of awakening for many lightworkers. 

You may have felt a strong sense of  purpose even during the time that you were unawakened. However, you may not have known what exactly those strong feelings indicated. You may have tried to find contentment through different avenues, most of which likely could not fulfil the deeper yearning in you.

That deeper yearning that you've felt all along, maybe right from childhood, is the call to live your divine destiny. It is to fulfil the mission that you agreed to when you signed your soul contract!

If you can relate to this post, you are much more awakened than you probably realise.

If you are living your purpose already, congratulations and keep charging ahead!
However, if you feel a bit lost, just know that it is safe for you to trust that deeper yearning within your being. That is the call of your soul. Listen to it. Follow its guidance. Take little steps if you must, but start doing the work that you are here to do. You know what that 'work' is. You do not need anyone to confirm what you already know to be true. The answers are all encoded within you.

Purpose is to lightworkers what food and oxygen are to the physical body. When you live your purpose, your soul literally lights up and glows!May that deeper yearning in you guide you to your Divine destiny. 

Many blessings. 

Please Note-

This is the fifth article in the series "The Five Pillars of Lightworkers." You may read about the other articles below- 

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Four Tips for the Sensitive Soul

Have you ever felt like you have an energy within you that can ignite when stimulated beyond a certain threshold?

Do you feel you are highly sensitive or have you been told so by others?

Many people are highly sensitive, not just to feelings and emotions but to several other factors too.

As a child, I was mostly sensitive to feelings and was labelled 'touchy.'
As I made spiritual progress, I found my sensitivity levels rising even higher and affected by more factors than ever before.

In order to facilitate a better understanding, I will share some common triggers that drive me up the wall-

1. Sudden jarring noises

2. Loud voices booming across from a neighbour's house or even from people within my own family.

3. Dirt, clutter and disorganisation.

4. Poor air circulation

5. Prolonged exposure to noise, chatter or crowds

6. Sarcasm
 Maybe you can relate to some of these factors or you have your own set of triggers.

When you are highly sensitive, a trigger can seem to impact you ten or more times than the average individual. To an observer, your response may seem disproportionate in comparison to the trigger factor. As unreasonable as their behavior seems at times, it is hard for highly sensitive people to prevent themselves from feeling overwhelmed easily.

The Gift in Sensitivity

Our sensitivity is a gift in that it helps us feel everything more deeply. It also helps us tune in to our intuitive side and to accelerate our spiritual growth. However, the downside is that it can create some challenges as we go about our daily life. Feeling over stimulated and edgy frequently can drain our energy and also create interpersonal issues. People may find the disproportionate responses of a sensitive person difficult to understand or handle, thereby leading to conflict.

So if you're highly sensitive, it is in your best interest to strike a balance between honouring your sensitivity and leading a near normal life at the same time.

Here are four tips that may be of help-

Accept and Honour

The first requirement is that you accept your sensitivity wholeheartedly. You acknowledge and understand that it's just the way you're wired. It's important to know that there's nothing wrong with you. 

It's also important that you honour the positive aspects of your sensitivity. Maybe you're very considerate of others' feelings and go the extra mile to be kind. Maybe you feel and experience the beauty in the world very deeply. Maybe you relish every sip of tea and feel its rich flavours tantalising your taste buds. Your sensitivity can be a great gift to you!

Energy Protection 

Practising some form of energy protection each day can bring immense benefit. If you are sensitive, you also tend to absorb all sorts of energy into your field. And if you're energy body is already bogged down by piles of negativity, the smallest of triggers can lead to an explosion! On the other hand, if your personal space is clean and clear, managing smaller triggers becomes easier.

Time Out

When you find yourself feeling extra sensitive, try to take a time out. If you're in a social situation, excuse yourself and head straight to the restroom or another private space. Do some deep breathing and grounding exercises. Maybe even go out for a short walk. And get back to the group when you're feeling more centered.

If you're at home, you can take this time out in the privacy of your bedroom. 


It is helpful to open up to your near and dear ones about your sensitivity. It is important that your sensitivity not affect your intimate relationships. When your close family and friends are aware of your sensitivity, it can make a huge difference to you.

It is not necessary that your parents, partner, friends or children empathise or sympathise with you. It is enough for them to be aware, so they can give you some space and not take any seemingly 'unreasonable' behaviour personally. And of course, if you feel you overreacted to something and hurt a loved one, it always helps to briefly explain what you were going through and to apologise to them from your heart. Loving and open communication can be a great healer. 

It is possible to honour your beautiful sensitive nature while also enjoying life to the fullest!

Article for Reference 

Friday, June 7, 2019

Channelled Message from Sirius

On this beautiful emerald green and blue star called Sirius, you, dear one, have lived as a Being of Love, Light, Power and Wisdom. All you knew was love. The crystal clear Sirian lakes reflected this love back to you. All you had to do was look into a lake and the waters reflected love back to you. 

Image by pixel2013 from Pixabay

Dear One, you are so so loved. Take a deep breath in and connect with your essence on Sirius. 

Can you feel the love?

Can you feel the peace? 

Can you feel your 'HOME?'

We understand your pain. We understand your soul's longing for its home. 
But do you realise that the love that the Sirian waters reflected back to you is what you are there on Earth to imprint. The peace and the harmony that reverberated throughout your Star Home is what you carry to Gaia. 

With every out breath, dear one, you imprint this peace in the world around you. This peace resides in your Higher Heart Centre, between your heart and throat chakras. Place your hand on your Higher Heart now and feel the bubble of peace located there. 

This peace, oh beautiful one, was so precious to you and your fellow Sirians. And many of you have so kindly offered to carry the seeds of this peace to Earth. 

Gaia needs your help. 

We applaud your efforts. We admire your courage. We support you in every way. We cheer you on. 

The waters of the Sirian lakes send you their love.  Allow your tender body, mind and soul to be bathed in these waters. 

"Oh how long it's been!" we hear you sigh, "Since I was held in this pristine water. Oh how long it's been since my heart touched another in pure loving embrace. Oh how long it's been since I rested at home." 

And we say-

We understand the difficulties of being away from home. But you must remember why you chose to be on Earth at this most significant time. You Star Family is safe back home. You are on a very important mission. And we await your return upon successful completion of your mission. 

You can connect with 'Home' whenever you are homesick. Yes, it's possible. You have now awakened enough that you can reach us, reach the crystal clear waters of Sirius, simply through the power of your consciousness.  

Mission Gaia is yours to make. Brave One, we love you. We bridge our hearts with yours. Feel our love. Feel the love of Sirius flowing into your beautiful heart. Until next time....

With love
Your Star Family from Sirius 

In service to the Divine and to Mother Earth, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 31st May, 2019. 

Angels in Disguise

A little human Angel was sent down to Earth. She was born heathy and bubbly like most other children. However, early in her life, she developed cancer.

This Angelic child also has an Angel Mama who dared to hope even after being told by several doctors in their home country that nothing much could be done to help her baby. This is due to the lack of advanced medical care over there.

After exhausting most of her resources in trying to find help for her child, this Mama reached out to Divine Source and asked for help. 

The Angelic Child had a dream that they would fly overseas for treatment. 
And Source answered Mama's prayer by arranging to have an Angelic Doctor from abroad cross their path in their home country. The doctor said that he would certainly try to help as best as he could, with the backing of the more advanced medical facilities available here in urban India. 

Soon after, Mama and Baby made the trip overseas. Today, the child is receiving quality medical care from a team of competent and compassionate doctors.

There is something special and Divine about this child. She has left such a deep impact on everyone around her that I was guided to visit her myself. I asked my husband, who is her doctor, if I could see her and thankfully, the little Angel and Mama agreed to see me. And my visit turned out to be a huge blessing to my own energy field.  

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

The peace, calm and strength this child radiates is contagious. The soft smile she flashes is enough to melt hearts. Though she is just a child, she embodies the strength of a Goddess.
Intuitively, I felt that this child's higher purpose is to help heal the hearts and souls of all she encounters.

And though she was the patient and I was her visitor, I returned home feeling very healed; like an Angel had touched my heart, like I had returned not from a hospital but from a 'Temple of Healing.'

I returned home feeling more empowered by the strength of the Divine Mother that her Mama exhibits, through her own will to persevere and her unshaken trust in Higher Will. 

I returned home feeling joyful that medical care has evolved not just technologically but also in the zone of the heart. I saw the doctors and nurses attending to this child literally working like Angels; they checked on her frequently and ensured she felt safe, loved and comfortable. The healer in me felt very inspired as I observed the healer in them. 

I returned home feeling a renewed connection with the Angelic realms and grateful to the Divine Angels of Light for leading me to this little Angel in disguise. 

Very often, Angels disguised as humans live amongst us. They have lessons to teach us and beautiful energies to share with us. We simply have to notice them......


The same child also offered another soul lesson by demonstrating the healing power of touch. You can read all about it here-