Monday, 22 April 2019


 Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

In this time period of rapid spiritual acceleration, we have some of the sweetest energies eager to assist us. They are the loving angels!

The Angels are our cosmic friends. They act as a medium between humans and Source energy. They bring us love, healing and guidance from Source, in a way that we can understand and absorb it. However, we are required to ask for their assistance.

The Angels can support our healing and spiritual growth. They can assist us with everything that we ask for, as long as it's for our highest good. They can communicate with us in a myriad of ways. They can lend a shoulder when we need one to cry on and touch our broken hearts with their tender love. They can see us at our worst and still hold unconditional and non-judgemental space for us. They can help us get in touch with our own inner knowing.

And finally, they can awaken the angel in us! 

After all, every lightworker is meant to be an Earth Angel in his or her own way.

To begin your communication with the Angels, simply say, "Dear Angels and Archangels of the Light, I wish to connect with you. Let your light fill up my life. Please help me heal and grow to my highest potential, in accordance with Divine Will. Thank you." 

You may also use words that you resonate with. 
Connect with the Angels and see what opens up for you! 

Sunday, 21 April 2019

Lightworker Discomfort

                                             Image by rawpixel from Pixabay

Many lightworkers experience some anguish and discomfort as they live life on Earth. They often feel disconnected from the happenings in the world and feel like misfits in society. Many of them are also empathic and sensitive, and find many worldly interactions draining. Once awakened spiritually, their level of sensitivity seems to get even stronger. In general, they feel very different from most people and this can be the case right from childhood.

Now why does it help to know all of this?

It is certainly not to judge ourselves or others.

It is to simply to recognise the fact that every soul has taken on a unique role in the cosmic drama. Knowing why we are made a certain way, what interests us, what does not interest us, what awakens our passions and what our sensitivities are can help align us with our life's mission. And a lightworker's mission is not to live life on Earth feeling uncomfortable. It is to do the work of seeding the planetary consciousness with higher frequencies. And that must be our single pointed focus in the midst of all the discomfort. 
As we honour our unique selves, we also make room for others to be their unique selves. We play our role, while allowing everyone else to play their role too.

So, the next time you feel out of place in this world, allow the feeling to inspire you rather than drain you. Know that you are who you are for a reason.That reason is your strength, your sacred mission, your unique light. Shine your light bright!

Monday, 15 April 2019

Your Sacred Life Purpose

Lightworkers and starseeds are cloaked in a veil of amnesia when they incarnate on Earth. Until their inner code of remembrance is fully activated, they have a strong but vague sense of purpose. They know they need to be doing something specific and often explore numerous paths that they hope will fulfill their souls' longing. But most of these seemingly promising paths fail to bring them the inner contentment they seek.

When I graduated from school, all I knew was that I wanted to do further studies on a topic that touched my heart and soul. However, my family had a different point of view. They felt that it was in my best interest to choose science and technology and to pursue a degree in engineering. But my heart screamed 'No!' at this prospect.

At that point, it was just me against a huge army of well wishers and my fervent pleas to choose a different study option were in vain. I gave in to the pressure and soon found myself enrolled in an engineering degree. In no time, I found my worst fears coming true. I could not connect one bit with what I was learning in the course. I had immense gratitude for science and technology. But choosing it as a career path was just not my cup of tea and obviously not a part of my life's purpose either. 

I was not into meditation or energy work at that time. Yet something felt terribly wrong with what I was doing. Over a period of time, I grew very disconnected from the course and also from my own self in the process. One fine day, I could take it no longer and simply dropped out of the course. The repercussions were huge. My well wishers were unhappy with my decision and felt I had been hasty and unwise. I had to face some tough moments and strained relationships through all of this. But I knew I had taken the right decision by standing up for my heart. 

I soon completed a degree in business management. After this, I felt a completely unconnected calling to work with kindergarten children! By then I was an adult and was confident that no one could force me to do anything against my wishes. So, I took the bold decision to do an early childhood teaching diploma and switched to a completely new career. My well wishers were convinced by then that I was a lunatic and were utterly displeased with my choices. But I simply had to follow my heart's calling or risk my own sanity. That's how strong the callings felt.

Working with young children felt right to me. It also brought me immense satisfaction. I was very suited to the job and was doing justice to my role.

Along the way, Reiki and the Angels became an integral part of my life. Over time, I found that energy work was so natural to me. It touched the very depths of my being. I soon realised that healing was a significant part of my life's purpose. But so was working with children. 

                                         Image by John Hain from Pixabay

As I committed to my inner voice, life aligned me with my purpose effortlessly.For some time, I pursued a healing career alongside working with children. However, that did not feel ideal, as I did not have much energy left for healing projects after working with children. 

Gradually, the circumstances of my life rearranged themselves such that I could strike a unique balance between the two. I was guided to dedicate most of my time to healing and energy work and a smaller portion of my time to working with children. Currently, I dedicate five days of the week to healing- energy work, writing and teaching, and one day a week to working with children. And this feels in perfect alignment with my purpose!

What is your deepest calling?

If you are reading this blog, you are most certainly a lightworker with a strong sense of purpose. I hope this post inspires you to follow your heart and to take steps towards your own unique purpose. There is no need to make any drastic changes to your life. Simply take small steps towards your life's mission and your Higher Self will open up the bigger path for you. 

Purpose is to lightworkers what food and oxygen are to the physical body. Living our purpose is vital to our growth and development on Earth.So, fasten your seat belts and get ready to soar!

Saturday, 13 April 2019


The terms lightworker and starseed are synonymous with each other. In the simplest of terms, a starseed is a soul whose original home is in other star systems. It is a soul that has incarnated in one or many star systems or energetic dimensions outside the Earth plane. 

A lot of starseeds incarnated on Earth  today are also lightworkers. Their core mission is to seed the Earth with the higher frequencies of light that are intrinsic to spiritually evolved star systems. 

My first connection with the stars in this lifetime happened when I was a little girl on holiday with my family. It was bedtime and everyone was fast asleep. The hotel room I was in had a large glass window. As I lay in bed, I noticed a twinkling star. Looking at it brought me a deep sense of comfort and peace. It's hard to put the experience into words. 

There were times when I felt like going back to stay at that hotel just to enjoy that view of the stars through the window. In hindsight, I know why I felt such peace and warmth that scared night. 

A fascination with the stars along with a strong sense of purpose is one of the prominent characteristics of starseeds.


The word 'lightworker' acts as an activation switch for many souls whose purpose is to work for the light. 

Working for the light entails the following-

  • Aligning oneself with light consciousness, while also accepting and integrating the darker aspects of Earthly existence. 
  • Acting as a channel for Divine light, love, inspiration and wisdom in a world that is awakening to higher levels of spiritual potential and consciousness. 
  • Seeding the planetary consciousness with expansive and empowering insights that inspire wholesome living. 
  • Working on oneself tirelessly to clear misaligned energy patterns acquired from across space, time and dimensions, while also assisting others to do the same. 
Innumerable lightworkers all over the planet are awakening to their individual and collective missions. Let's give ourselves a warm welcome to our missions and support one another as we work for the light!