Monday, 22 April 2019


 Image by Jason Goh from Pixabay

In this time period of rapid spiritual acceleration, we have some of the sweetest energies eager to assist us. They are the loving angels!

The Angels are our cosmic friends. They act as a medium between humans and Source energy. They bring us love, healing and guidance from Source, in a way that we can understand and absorb it. However, we are required to ask for their assistance.

The Angels can support our healing and spiritual growth. They can assist us with everything that we ask for, as long as it's for our highest good. They can communicate with us in a myriad of ways. They can lend a shoulder when we need one to cry on and touch our broken hearts with their tender love. They can see us at our worst and still hold unconditional and non-judgemental space for us. They can help us get in touch with our own inner knowing.

And finally, they can awaken the angel in us! 

After all, every lightworker is meant to be an Earth Angel in his or her own way.

To begin your communication with the Angels, simply say, "Dear Angels and Archangels of the Light, I wish to connect with you. Let your light fill up my life. Please help me heal and grow to my highest potential, in accordance with Divine Will. Thank you." 

You may also use words that you resonate with. 
Connect with the Angels and see what opens up for you! 

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