Saturday, 13 April 2019


The word 'lightworker' acts as an activation switch for many souls whose purpose is to work for the light. 

Working for the light entails the following-

  • Aligning oneself with light consciousness, while also accepting and integrating the darker aspects of Earthly existence. 
  • Acting as a channel for Divine light, love, inspiration and wisdom in a world that is awakening to higher levels of spiritual potential and consciousness. 
  • Seeding the planetary consciousness with expansive and empowering insights that inspire wholesome living. 
  • Working on oneself tirelessly to clear misaligned energy patterns acquired from across space, time and dimensions, while also assisting others to do the same. 
Innumerable lightworkers all over the planet are awakening to their individual and collective missions. Let's give ourselves a warm welcome to our missions and support one another as we work for the light!

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