Friday, 31 May 2019

Letters to the Angels

In order to have the Angels as an integral part of our lives, it is important that we make the effort to communicate with them regularly. Angel communication can be a soft and beautiful experience. 

One of the most effective ways to communicate with the Angels is through writing.  You can write or type letters to the Angels. Write from your heart. Share your concerns and feelings. Ask for help and guidance. Share the happenings of your day with them.

Here is a sample letter for your reference-

 My Dear Angels,

I am so grateful for your presence in my life. I had a hard day. I need some help with managing my energy and emotions. I request your guidance and assistance. Please help me. Thank you.

With love and gratitude
xxxxx (Your Name)  

If your letter is about a request for help, notice what happens after this  communication. Maybe something shifts in your life or you suddenly feel inspired to make some change. This is a sign of the Angels reaching out to help you. It is important to trust your intuition here and to follow any guidance you may receive. 

 You can also write to the Angels about anything that's on your mind. It does not always have to be a request for assistance. Just as we sometimes call or text our friends only to say hi, we can do so with the Angels too. You can view the Angels as your friends from the cosmic realms!

The more you connect with the loving Angels, the stronger their presence becomes in your life. 

Sending you Angel Blessings.

Thursday, 30 May 2019

Self Mastery and Soul Growth

Apart from helping heal Planet Earth, a lightworker’s mission also involves self-mastery and soul growth. 

Some lightworkers have incarnated several times on Earth and have karmic ties to clear. As they clear karma and learn their soul lessons, they grow in wisdom. This wisdom then helps them assist others through their awakening.

Some lightworkers may not have incarnated on Earth before and thereby do not have personal karma to clear. But when they decide to incarnate, they absorb some of the negative energy from the mass consciousness. This helps them get a feel of challenges on Earth. And once they incarnate, they face these challenges exactly as other humans do. As they master these challenges, they are better able to be of service to others.

It is reasonable to assume that the challenges faced by lightworkers could also be a combination of both factors, which means, some challenges could be karmic in nature while others are deliberately taken on for a higher reason.

Once you reach a fairly high level of awareness, you will be able to intuitively discern which of your challenges is karmic and which is deliberately taken on.

 Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Once you are aware, you simply cannot live as a victim any more. All blame games come to an end. You take responsibility for your karmic challenges and clear them gracefully. 

And for the challenges taken on deliberately, you realise it was just an illusion that served a greater purpose. 

If all of this feels confusing, please do not worry. Confusion is part of the awakening process and integration of these insights takes time. 

Simply work on healing yourself in every possible way. Whenever a challenge shows up, work on clearing the energetic charge associated with it right away. Do not allow unhelpful energies and emotions to accumulate within you until they reach bursting point. Clear whatever comes up immediately and take your power back. This is the way to self-mastery.

Cut energy draining cords.

Clear negative thinking. 

Delete repetitive patterns

Burn limiting beliefs. 

Transform lower emotions. 

Rise to be the BEST version of YOU.

Live as the courageous warrior that you are! 

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This is the fourth article in the series- "The Five Pillars of Lightworkers"
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Wednesday, 29 May 2019

The Dark Side of Human Nature

As human beings, we each have a bright and a dark side to us.

Carl Jung called this dark side 'The Shadow.' 

Looking at the dark side of our personality can feel painful and uncomfortable.

Within our shadow is buried every quality and emotion that we deem 'bad' or 'unacceptable.' 

  Image by skeeze from Pixabay

Have you ever felt a burning rage and lashed out at someone, only to feel ashamed about your outburst at a later point? 

Have you secretly felt jealous of a friend and later felt disgusted that someone as nice as you could feel such a negative emotion? 

Have you felt the urge to be mean to someone and then felt shocked that YOU could think such 'low' thoughts? 

As children, almost all of us were comfortable showing our shadow side to the world. We yelled, kicked, hit, threw tantrums, hated, raged, acted mean and even felt jealous with an openness to it! We never thought our dark side was something to hide or be ashamed of until our parents, teachers and other well wishers dinned it into our heads that we must be more civilized as we grow up.

Their advice was perfectly appropriate of course. We live in a society and are expected to follow some rules and behave in an appropriate manner. This refinement is necessary and makes it easier for us to function as a species. Imagine the chaos in the world if everyone throws tantrums and behaves inappropriately whenever the shadow aspect of their personality takes over! Humanity would destroy itself. 

However, not indulging the shadow does not mean it will cease to exist. 

In the process of growing up, what many of us were not told was that having  a dark side was natural. We may not have been told that the shadow is part of every single human being. Therefore, many of us grew up believing that if someone showed their darkness, they belonged to the group of 'bad guys' and the ones who showed their bright side were the 'good folks.' 

So, in an effort to be 'good,' we fearfully suppressed our shadow whenever it made an appearance. Since we did not know what to do about it, we felt helpless and just pretended it didn't exist. However, when something is pushed under the carpet, it may not be visible to those watching but exists nevertheless.

We cannot blame our parents and well wishers for not enlightening us about the shadow, since people can only teach us what they themselves know and are comfortable living with.

However, in the current time, there is greater openness to explore hidden truths. With the rapid ascent in consciousness, people are also more empowered to face their darkness with dignity.

So, while we cannot always exhibit our shadow side or act on its impulses, it certainly helps to be aware that it exists. It helps to honour and accept our dark side. When we accept it, we create a certain wholeness within us. This wholeness can be liberating and healing. As we accept our own shadow, we also grow to accept the shadows within everyone. And this makes life easier.

So, the next time you feel a twinge of jealousy or a mean thought, and you cringe

"I am a lightworker! How can I feel this way?"  

Say to yourself,  

"I am a lightworker and that was my dark shadow popping in to say hi! I see and accept it fully. I embrace it and integrate it into the wholeness of my Being."

This will dissipate the suffocation that comes from the repression of darkness and help you feel lighter. 

Embrace your shadow while you continue to be the civilised human being that you have learnt to be!  

Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Own Your Power

"Own Your Power"

What does this sentence mean? 

And what is the power that is being referred to?  

From the perspective of the human ego, power is what comes with wealth, status, accomplishments, leadership and other externals. 

 Image by Christine Sponchia from Pixabay

But here we are talking about a different kind of power that you may choose to call Inner Power or Spiritual Power.

This power comes from knowing that you are much more than a teeny tiny human being trapped in a physical body for a limited number of years. 

This power comes from knowing that you are a multi dimensional being and that your consciousness is as expansive as infinity. 

This power comes from knowing that, owing to your multi dimensional nature, your soul has experienced many different dimensions  and time-space realities. 

This power comes from knowing that you are here on Earth on a grand human adventure and that everything that ever happens to you here is because you agreed to it, consciously or unconsciously.

This power comes from knowing that once you choose to awaken and take responsibility for your life, you needn't be a victim of circumstances anymore.

This power comes from knowing that you have the flame of Divine light burning bright within you.

This power comes from knowing that the more you connect with this light within you, the brighter it burns and radiates to everyone and everything around you.  

This power comes from knowing that this light within you has the power to bring healing and reform to the mass planetary consciousness. 

This power comes from knowing that as you work on healing your individual self, you also help heal Mother Gaia.

You have struggled enough. You have wept enough. You have been unconscious for long enough.

Now you have the choice to awaken fully and to OWN your inner power!

Will you do it? 

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This is the third article in the series "The Five Pillars of Lightworkers"
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