Thursday, 16 May 2019

Bless the Healers

In the current time, the art of healing is growing to be a way of life for many people. It is an evolving journey that encompasses the different parts of us- the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual.

We have some contrasting approaches to healing co-existing on Earth today. Over the last century, Modern Medicine has established itself as a global force in the arena of health and healing. It is validated by science and is based on strict protocols for diagnosis and treatment of bodily dysfunctions and mental disorders.

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Energy healing is a fairly new player on the global scene. Its roots are ancient and have remained latent for eons. However, it it beginning to sprout beautifully in the current time period. It is an emerging science with immense potential for deeper exploration. It is more intuitive in its application and addresses the wholeness of an individual.

Image by Jürgen Rübig from Pixabay

The emergence of energy healing is indeed exciting as it promises a holistic approach to healing.

In this excitement, it is all too easy for us to lose perspective and to be quick to dismiss anything that does not fit into this new paradigm of healing.As lightworkers, it helps us to be grounded and to embrace the bigger picture of life on Earth. A lot of souls in the energy healing community are disillusioned with conventional medicine while many in the medical community are also troubled by their perceptions of and encounters with alternative healing. 

Instead of playing "Us versus Them," what would happen if each community acknowledged the strengths of the other? It would lead to wholeness and integration rather than separation. It would lead to the creation of a new system of integrative healing that is in sync with the New Earth consciousness.

One of the primary reasons modern medicine is dismissed by those in the healing community is because it is perceived to be treating only the symptoms of an illness while doing nothing to heal the root cause. Before we criticize, may we take a moment to reflect on a few questions.

1. What principles is the medical system based on?

2. If these principles do not match the principles of energy work or natural healing, does the system automatically become 'bad'?

3. What are the positive aspects of conventional medicine?

4. Can we acknowledge the positive aspects and focus on them rather than on the perceived drawbacks of the system?
5. As lightworkers, can we send light to the medical system and to its positive aspects?

We have come here to elevate the light quotient on the planet! It does not help the planet if we focus our energies on judgement and criticism of global systems. Our job is to channel our energies productively for a greater cause.In the larger scheme of life, nothing is totally positive or negative. No system - including modern medicine and energy healing- is completely good or bad. Everything is part of a greater whole. Every system has its plus and minus points.

As lightworkers, our only job is to look for the positive in every situation and to shine our own light there, so the situation or the system evolves for a greater good.

As lightworkers, it is our job to bless all healers- no matter their background or approach. A doctor or a surgeon is as much a healer as an energy worker. In the current time, their services are needed as much as ours.The approaches to healing may be different. The systems may be imperfect. But the underlying motive of all systems is to offer healing and relief to ailing souls. Everything has its place and nothing can be be left out in the larger scheme. As lightworkers, let us make the effort to embrace all healers and all systems of healing with love and to elevate them with light! 

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