Saturday, 1 June 2019

Channelled Message from St Germain

You are safe dear one. It is a very significant time on Earth. The energy supports self-mastery for those who feel ready. The Violet Flame is a high frequency spiritual light that can dissolve karmic debris, dense energy, negative emotion and any other energy that weighs you down. You will know when you have ascended enough into a frequency that can support your working with the Violet Flame. 

 Image by Karen-Mary HENRY from Pixabay

In the density of this planetary environment, it is all too easy for you to be triggered by external and internal forces. The problem is not the trigger. It is not even so much that you are affected by these triggers. Rather, the problem is that these distortions that create imbalances in your energy field linger there for way too long. Every time this happens, it depletes your energy, little by little, until you are so fatigued and disconnected from your  Divine Self or your I AM Presence. 

I say to you, that if you feel ready, you partner with me.
If you feel ready, I say to you to invoke the Violet Flame everyday. 
I say to you to utilise this energy as a tool of alchemy and transformation. 

Every little irritant, every trouble, every negative emotion, every cord, every implant, every 'everything' that lowers your vibration can be dissolved and transmuted into a frequency that is unimaginable by your mind. 

In this beautiful Age of Aquarius, I, Saint Germain, offer to you and to everyone who feels ready, this gift of the Violet Flame. I will be deeply honoured if you will join me and my cosmic team in our efforts to usher in the Golden Age on Gaia. 

Dear Ones, do not let this terminology scare you. Do not feel like you are not qualified or advanced enough for such a big mission, Even if all you ever do is heal your own distortions, you help us with our Divine plan. 

May the Violet Flame guard you and your loved ones. May it help you awaken, transmute and transform. Blessings to you dear one!

In service to the Divine and to Mother Earth, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 30th May 2019.