Saturday, 18 May 2019

Conscious Healing : Principles and Practices

Healing is an ongoing journey. As we heal one layer of pain, an underlying layer shows up. This process can go on for many days, months, years or even lifetimes.  Some issues and patterns clear up quickly while others take longer. It is important for us to hold space for ourselves through this process of healing. It is vital for us to be kind and compassionate with ourselves as we work through this zone of 'Conscious Healing.' This means we work on our wounds with complete awareness.

Every time an opportunity for healing shows up, it is good to release as much as we feel comfortable with. We don't have to get everything sorted out in one go. 

  • Opportunities for healing are presented when people or situations trigger us in everyday life.
  • Opportunities are presented when the people closest to us act as our mirrors and reflect our unhealed stuff back to us. 
  • Opportunities are also presented during the full moon phase. A lot of people experience heightened awareness of their 'unhealed stuff' around the time of the full moon. 
  • Women often receive these opportunities during the latter half of the menstrual cycle (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome), during which they feel extra sensitive and irritable. The issues that trigger them the most during this time offer immense opportunity for healing and expansion. 

 Image by Okan Caliskan from Pixabay

Violet Flame as a Tool for Release

The Violet Flame of the Ascended Master St Germain is a powerful tool of alchemy. It can transform lower energies into higher frequencies. Since lightworkers work on healing the mass consciousness alongside their own stuff, the Violet Flame is an amazing tool for them to work with. 

I like to recommend the works of late Spiritual Teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet time and again, because I have found her teachings to be extremely empowering. She teaches some powerful Violet Flame Decrees in her book "Violet Flame." 

I do my own release work through the recitation of a short and simple Violet Flame decree that is taught in this book. I recite it 108 times using rosary beads to keep count.This makes the release process more systematic and effective. I would encourage you to read this book and try this technique if you resonate with it.  

You may also release your stuff in other ways that you are accustomed to. The point here is to do the work when an opportunity presents itself. 

The next time something triggers you, take a deep breath and just do the following-

Reflect, Release and Relax!  


  1. Thank you so much ...Can anyone do this Violet Flame releasing process?

  2. If you are an energy healer, understand the principles of energy work and feel ready to work with a high frequency tool such as the Violet Flame, you certainly can. You do not require any initiation to do this work. You must feel ready to work with it. That is the most important requirement. Trust your intuition.