Monday, 6 May 2019

Energy Protection for Lightworkers

As a lightworker, your core mission involves the following-  

  • Shining light into areas of darkness- into Earthly systems and places that are weighed down by heaviness and negativity. You may do this through conscious energy work or simply through your presence.
  • Implanting new and Divinely inspired thoughts and ideas into the collective consciousness of humanity. 
  • Simply being an energetic presence of a pure vibration in the world.
The Earth has both light and dark energies at play. So, when your light shines bright, you may also attract some dark and dense energies to you. This does not happen to every lightworker of course. There are many among us who have mastered the art of energy protection. Negativity is automatically filtered by them and does not affect their energy. However, if you have not yet mastered this and you are energy sensitive, it will serve you well to practice conscious energy protection until you reach the stage that you do not require it. 

 Image by Pezibear from Pixabay
 Benefits of Energy Protection
  • Helps you tune into the frequencies of your Highest Divine Self, thereby aligning you firmly with your own light and power. This makes it hard for other energies to infiltrate your personal space. 
  • Frees up your energy for your own projects. Frees up your energy to fuel your own light so you may shine strong and bright. 
  • Brings a sense of balance, composure and strength as you encounter the myriad energies lingering in the outside world and oftentimes in your own mind too.
I have experimented with different energy protection techniques. And the one I have personally found very effective is the 'I Am Presence Tube of Light' protection as taught by late Spiritual Teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet. It involves invoking a tube of protective white light from your Highest God Presence known as the I Am. If you feel inspired to learn this technique, please study the works of this amazing teacher. She also teaches about various energy cleansing tools and offers soul development lessons.

Apart from this, I have also received an initiation for a multi layered energy protection grid from another beautiful teacher and lightworker called Varsha Morarka. If you feel inspired to know more about this technique, please get in touch with me on 

It is important to do what works for you. So, do feel free to choose the technique or teaching that resonates most with you. The important thing is to keep your own energy level pure and high so your light can radiate far and wide!

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