Friday, 31 May 2019

Letters to the Angels

In order to have the Angels as an integral part of our lives, it is important that we make the effort to communicate with them regularly. Angel communication can be a soft and beautiful experience. 

One of the most effective ways to communicate with the Angels is through writing.  You can write or type letters to the Angels. Write from your heart. Share your concerns and feelings. Ask for help and guidance. Share the happenings of your day with them.

Here is a sample letter for your reference-

 My Dear Angels,

I am so grateful for your presence in my life. I had a hard day. I need some help with managing my energy and emotions. I request your guidance and assistance. Please help me. Thank you.

With love and gratitude
xxxxx (Your Name)  

If your letter is about a request for help, notice what happens after this  communication. Maybe something shifts in your life or you suddenly feel inspired to make some change. This is a sign of the Angels reaching out to help you. It is important to trust your intuition here and to follow any guidance you may receive. 

 You can also write to the Angels about anything that's on your mind. It does not always have to be a request for assistance. Just as we sometimes call or text our friends only to say hi, we can do so with the Angels too. You can view the Angels as your friends from the cosmic realms!

The more you connect with the loving Angels, the stronger their presence becomes in your life. 

Sending you Angel Blessings.

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