Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Courage to be Yourself

Courage, Safety, Power, Soul Growth and Purpose!

These are the pillars that support lightworkers on Earth. 

In this post, we will explore the first pillar - Courage. 

You came to Earth on a specific mission. 

You knew this would be a time of consciousness upgrades and great transformation.  

You knew you would have many pains to bear and karma to clear.

You knew you would forget about your light until you reached the point of awakening. 

You knew you would feel helpless, afraid and disconnected from your inner power time and again. 

Yet you took the plunge, with a huge leap of faith. You did this because you were a courageous warrior soul. 

 Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

This oasis of courage is still intact in the depths of your being.

Now that you are here on Earth and most likely awakened (if you are reading this), it is important for you to live as your authentic self. You are innately programmed to carry out your mission to perfection. And the time to do that is NOW. 

However, this requires you to listen to your inner voice and to be yourself. In a society that values stereotypes, it takes courage to be yourself and to speak your truth. It takes courage to choose a path that is different from the norm. It takes courage to be viewed by others as an odd duck! 

Do you have the courage to be seen as that odd duck? 

Yes you do!

If being yourself means being odd, then so be it! You are beautiful when you are being yourself.

So, brave one, tap into your oasis of courage frequently! Allow your courage to lead you on your path. Take the next step as guided by your inner voice. Do what you came here to do. 

Affirm, " It is safe for me to be my authentic self. I am a warrior at heart. I allow this inner warrior to lead me to my mission." 

Shine on!

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