Thursday, 23 May 2019

Safety and Protection

Earth has been a zone of dense energy for a very long time. Fear is rampant. Ego consciousness prevails. Competition is valued. We feel separate from everyone and everything. The veil of illusion is thick. So, everything playing out in physical reality feels very real and often scary.

The year 2012 was a sacred turning point. Around this time period, a new paradigm based on love and unity consciousness began to grow on Earth. However, the establishment of this new paradigm is a gradual process and it will be a while before we can see significant shifts in the mass consciousness. Also, since almost all of us reading this post, incarnated well before 2012, we have already been exposed to the fear and separation energy that has dominated the  planet for centuries. Many of us may have already absorbed a lot of this energy prior to our own spiritual awakening. And this energy pops into our awareness every now and then and blocks our full potential. It takes time and effort for us to remind ourselves that this fear based consciousness is not who we are. 

It's true that many seemingly frightening things happen on Earth. There is heartbreak, pain and separation widespread. There is illness, loss, disaster and all sorts of fear inducing incidents. In this chaotic environment, it is all too easy for us to feel so unsafe and suffocated that we lose sight of the bigger picture.

And what is this bigger picture?

It is the light you carry. It is the light you came here to shine. This light is the balm for Mother Gaia. You are here to support her through this period of transition. Your light can sooth the wounds created by this fear based consciousness

 Image by cocoparisienne from Pixabay

You are here to shine your light into the darkest traps of Earth.

This is your mission. 

Once you are well aligned with this truth, you will automatically know that it does not help you to be limited by fear. There will be times when you feel the fear. It's natural and perfectly alright. However, you will not be consumed by it anymore. You will instead just focus on doing YOUR job which is-

Affirm - "I am safe. We are safe. It is a safe planet. Love prevails. May all souls be happy, loved and nurtured. May the body, heart and soul of Mother Gaia be healed."

You are here to do this work. And you are greatly supported by the Higher Forces of Light.  Trust that you are safe and protected. And way more empowered than you may think!

Please Note  
This is the second article in the series The Five Pillars for Lightworkers- Courage, Safety, Power, Soul Growth and Purpose. 
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