Thursday, 30 May 2019

Self Mastery and Soul Growth

Apart from helping heal Planet Earth, a lightworker’s mission also involves self-mastery and soul growth. 

Some lightworkers have incarnated several times on Earth and have karmic ties to clear. As they clear karma and learn their soul lessons, they grow in wisdom. This wisdom then helps them assist others through their awakening.

Some lightworkers may not have incarnated on Earth before and thereby do not have personal karma to clear. But when they decide to incarnate, they absorb some of the negative energy from the mass consciousness. This helps them get a feel of challenges on Earth. And once they incarnate, they face these challenges exactly as other humans do. As they master these challenges, they are better able to be of service to others.

It is reasonable to assume that the challenges faced by lightworkers could also be a combination of both factors, which means, some challenges could be karmic in nature while others are deliberately taken on for a higher reason.

Once you reach a fairly high level of awareness, you will be able to intuitively discern which of your challenges is karmic and which is deliberately taken on.

 Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Once you are aware, you simply cannot live as a victim any more. All blame games come to an end. You take responsibility for your karmic challenges and clear them gracefully. 

And for the challenges taken on deliberately, you realise it was just an illusion that served a greater purpose. 

If all of this feels confusing, please do not worry. Confusion is part of the awakening process and integration of these insights takes time. 

Simply work on healing yourself in every possible way. Whenever a challenge shows up, work on clearing the energetic charge associated with it right away. Do not allow unhelpful energies and emotions to accumulate within you until they reach bursting point. Clear whatever comes up immediately and take your power back. This is the way to self-mastery.

Cut energy draining cords.

Clear negative thinking. 

Delete repetitive patterns

Burn limiting beliefs. 

Transform lower emotions. 

Rise to be the BEST version of YOU.

Live as the courageous warrior that you are! 

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This is the fourth article in the series- "The Five Pillars of Lightworkers"
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