Monday, 27 May 2019

Starseed Longings

For very many years, I found myself longing for a home that I felt existed but didn't know where.

I had a difficult childhood and experienced disconnection from my mother. And I often had this strange feeling that there was another mother out there somewhere and once I found her, I would feel safe and nurtured.

And I looked and looked among all the motherly women I knew, wondering who among them it could be. But I found no one!

A difficult childhood led to an even more difficult early adulthood, as I tried to fill the void in my life through the building of romantic relationships. But because I was operating from a fear and victim based consciousness, every relationship fell apart! Plus there was karma to clear. 

I had my spiritual awakening in my early twenties and this finally led me to a vibrationally aligned partner, who I went on to marry. 

Barring the early childhood years that I spent with my loving grandmother, my life up until I turned 24, was one roller coaster of pain, drama, dysfuction and loss. As hard as it seemed at that time, these experiences ultimately opened up the gateway to my spiritual awakening.

Reiki was a huge milestone in my life and spearheaded my spiritual awakening. It opened multiple new avenues for me to heal myself.  Through Reiki practice, I experienced a spontaneous connection with the Angelic realm. I was then led to experience past life, inner child, shamanic and ancestral healing. 

Thereafter, I was guided to explore intergalactic healing and planetary service work. The stage for this work was set in the year 2014 when I felt inspired to attend a workshop on "Light Language" facilitated by Spiritual Teacher Judy Satori.

For those who don't know, light language is comprised of higher energetic codes and frequencies channeled directly from the light. It is usually transmitted verbally by a person who acts as a channel to download the energy from its source. The language sounds like gibberish to the human mind but leaves a lasting imprint on the soul.

The sound of light language opened up a channel in me that I grew to cherish from the bottom of my heart. Soon after this transmission, I began to feel deeply connected with the Star Systems in outer space. 

 Image by skeeze from Pixabay

I had felt a warm connection with the stars as a young girl on holiday with my family. However, I did not give this incident much thought until I received this transmission of light language several years later. 

As this transmission worked on my energy field, I came across several other people who felt this connection to the stars. Many of them had this strange longing for a place they felt was 'home' Today I know what this 'home' is. And the mother I was looking for feels like the memories of a Star Mother or Motherly Figure. 

As much as I loved restoring this long lost connection to 'home,' I found it hard to talk openly about it. After all we are human now! And if you tell someone you love the stars and feel connected to other star systems, they are likely to label you 'NUTS!"
So, why did I share all of this this here?  

Just in case you are sailing in a similar boat and trying to connect some dots in your own life. 

Just in case your soul has ever longed for the familiarity and comfort of a 'Home of Light' but you've not been able to make sense of it. 

Just to help you remember that you are here on a mission and that your home is safe and intact. 

As you ascend in consciousness, you can connect with 'home' from where you are right now.If you felt inspired to read a post titled 'Starseed Longings,' there is a great possibility that you have some starry connections!

Sending you love.

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