Friday, 17 May 2019

The Gifts of Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael is one of the highest ranking beings of the angelic realm. His name means "He who is as God" He vibrates at a very high frequency. His energy is synonymous with courage, safety, power, soul growth and life purpose.  

Many lightworkers feel lost and alienated on Earth. The planet feels like a dense jungle with many obstacles that lightworkers must navigate, alongside doing the work assigned to them. Many of them are very sensitive beings who also suffer overwhelm and burnout every time they step out into the world. Archangel Michael can offer immense assistance and support to such lightworkers. His energy can help transform lower energies and clear blocks on a lightworker's path.

Archangel Michael offers us two gifts of healing-

1. Cobalt blue light

2. Sword of light

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Cobalt Blue Light

The blue light of Archangel Michael can be used as a form of energy protection. Every morning, you may invoke your Highest Divine Self called the I AM Presence and request a pillar of white light to be placed over you for invincible protection. You may see your I AM presence as a ball of golden white light over your crown. 

You may then invoke the cobalt blue light of Archangel Michael and request it to form an additional layer of protection over the pillar of white light. This technique was taught by late Spiritual teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Please do read her works for a deeper understanding.

Recommended books by  Elizabeth Clare Prophet

  • Violet Flame- To Heal Body, Mind and Soul
  • Archangel Michael- How Archangel Michael Can Protect You

Sword of Light

The Sword of Light is an energetic tool that can be used to cut unhealthy energetic cords that you may have formed with people or patterns.  Minor day to day annoyances and emotional disturbances can form small energetic cords and drain your energy. When you feel such cords blocking you, you may request Archangel Michael to clear them for you with his Sword of Light. Request this assistance only if you feel ready for this kind of an intervention. The process can feel quite intense if you are not used to working with high frequency energies on a regular basis. So, only request this if you feel intuitively guided to.

Simply state,  

"Dear Archangel Michael, I give you permission to cut the cords binding me to this person/pattern/situation. May it be transformed into a higher frequency and may every part of my body, mind and Spirit be filled with pure divine radiance. May I be set free! Amen"

As you affirm the above, visualise or feel Archangel Michael using his sword of light to cut the cords in your auric field. Once done, feel your entire being filling up with divine radiance or healing light. Drink some water. Give thanks for his assistance.

For deep rooted issues that have formed dense cords, it is recommended that you work one on one with a professional healer. 

Cord cutting is done only when we feel blocked by cords. However, the invocation of the cobalt blue light  of Archangel Michael can be done everyday. This offers solid energy protection. And the more one stays centered in their own energy, the lesser will be the need for cord cutting or other energy healing interventions.

As they say, "Prevention is better than cure." 

As your personal energy space is protected and your path cleared, you will have more energy to devote to your life and also to your lightworker mission.

Sending you love!

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