Wednesday, 22 May 2019

The Messy Adventure of Self-Healing

Meditation, Reiki, Crystals, Angels, Chakras,
Shamanic Healing, Tai Chi, Massage,
Healing Music and Dance Circles, 
Soul Tribe Parties.....

And what not!

The New Age indeed offers some fun and fascinating healing modalities to explore.

To an observer watching the world of healing from the outside, everything looks pretty and perfect!

However, a soul that has ventured deeply down the path of healing, knows that it is not all pretty. 

Healing can be a messy affair! 

While it may seem to others that you're meditating peacefully by the altar, only you know how challenging it is to grapple with an overactive mind to eventually reach a place of pure stillness.Meditation shows you the number of unwanted thoughts drifting through your awareness in any moment and reminds you that you have work to do!

Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Reiki leaves you feeling relaxed and refreshed every time it flows through you. It helps you achieve energetic alignment to receive many gifts and blessings. But it also brings all your unhealed stuff into your awareness. It forces you to look within to heal your stuff.

The path of healing promises many rewards. But it also requires us to face our inner demons and to feel some dreadful pains. It forces us to see our raw wounds and to accept our deeply buried shadows. It requires us to push ourselves way outside of our comfort zones. 

Almost every form of soul-healing work comes with its own set of 'side-effects'!

These side effects are not to be feared but to be viewed from the right perspective.  

The dirt must be SEEN so that the mirror can be wiped clean.

Enjoy this messy ride. 
Once you are back on the other side, as pure Divine light, you may very well miss these adventures of human life!



  1. Beautiful ...Thank you Haripriya...true in every perspective ...Much love n light to you

  2. Thank you! Sending you love and blessings.