Saturday, 29 June 2019

Seven Divine Qualities of Your Inner Child

As we go deeper into Reiki practice, we discover that Reiki does a lot more than help us relax and balance chakras. It assists our spiritual growth and helps our soul in a great many ways. Inner child work is a must for those of us seeking to grow spiritually. I say it is a ‘must’ not because it is a stringent rule but because having an alive inner child helps us achieve wholeness.

As children, all of us had some qualities that can be labelled ‘Divine.’ We possessed these qualities very naturally. But somewhere along the journey of growing up, we lost touch with them. The easiest way to know you are disconnected from your inner child is when you find yourself feeling very serious in life.

With Reiki as our support, we have the power to reclaim our Divine Inner Child qualities once again. In this article, let’s take a look at seven of these divine qualities we once had.


As an adult, you may often find yourself living in the past or future. Apart from wasting precious time and energy, this tendency can prevent you from feeling joyful.

As a child, do you remember that there was nothing called a past or future? THIS moment was all there was. And you lived fully in each moment. You had a sense of wonder towards life and every moment was new. These are your inner child qualities of PRESENCE and JOY.


As an adult, you may find yourself bottling up your troubled feelings and pretending like you're OK even when you're not. 

As a child, do you remember you allowed yourself to be angry with a friend who upset you? However, you were able to walk  hand in hand with the same friend after your anger passed? You were able to accept and feel your negative emotions fully and they disappeared as quickly as they came on. These are your inner child qualities of AUTHENTICITY and SELF ACCEPTANCE . 

 Image by Bessi from Pixabay


As an adult, you may find yourself worrying incessantly about how you come across to others. You may also find yourself planning your words and actions in great detail.

As a child, do you remember you were a lot more natural and what others thought of you was hardly on your mind? This is your inner child's quality of SPONTANEITY. 


As an adult, you may find yourself overthinking situations and refusing to trust life. To quote an example, my dear friend Reiki Master Teacher Justine Melton and I were working together on a fear of flying that we had developed over time. Fear of flying, though very real, is a classic example of overthinking and running worst case scenarios in our heads over and over again. The more we think about it, the worse it seems to get!  

Justine's little son taught us both a soul lesson, when he began to yell 'WOOHOO!' in great joy every time he saw a plane flying overhead. He served to remind us of the inner child qualities of INNOCENCE and TRUST that we once had as children.

In conclusion, reclaiming our divine inner child qualities does not imply we must live or act like children all the time! That would be unnatural. It is just a reminder that some of  the soulful qualities we had as children can help us immensely in our adult lives too. They can heal us and make life more enjoyable. Every few days, set the intention to connect with your inner child. You may do this prior to your self-Reiki sessions and request Reiki to assist you.

And the next time you find yourself getting very serious, ask your inner child for some advice. The joyful wisdom of your inner child may lighten up your life!

Friday, 28 June 2019

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are angelic beings that closely watch over a soul, during the course of its life on Earth. They are with the soul from the time of its incarnation until the time of its transition.

Your Guardian Angels can be your first point of contact with the angelic realms.

It is generally believed that each person has two guardian angels. However, some people sense the presence of only one guardian angel and some sense the presence of more than two. The number does not really matter. All that matters is that we connect with their energy. 

 Image by Momentmal from Pixabay

You may begin to communicate with your Guardian Angels right away!

Here is one way to do so-

  • Put your phone away and make sure that you are left undisturbed for ten minutes.  
  • Light a candle in your healing room or in any other clean space. Put on some calming music if you like. 
  • Close your eyes and bring your awareness to your breath. Focus on the rhythm of your natural breathing. If thoughts enter your awareness, do not worry. Simply bring your attention back to the breath. As you watch the breath, you will find your body and mind calming down. 
  • When you feel relaxed, open up your palms and hold them near your heart chakra. Say. "My Dear Guardian Angels, thank you for watching over me at all times! I ask for a deeper connection with you. Please assist me with my life and help me fulfil my soul plan on Earth. Thank you for your unconditional love." (You may modify the words as you feel guided to). 
  • Draw your palms close to your chest and place them crossed over your heart for a minute or so. This can help seal the energy into your heart.
  • When you feel complete, take a deep breath in and open your eyes slowly. Smile and go about your day!

Sending you love💖

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Starseed Higher Heart Transmission from Sirius

Dear Ones,

We wish to bring your attention to the Peace Codes today 💗💗💗

Your Higher Heart centre, located between your throat and heart chakras, holds these Peace Codes. Like the pea pod that holds green peas in it, the energy pods in your Higher Heart hold the frequency of peace within them. 

Place your palm on your Higher Heart chakra now and breathe. This will connect you with the Peace Codes. 

Do you have a vague recalling of these Peace Codes? Do you remember they permeated your existence on Sirius? 

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Sweet PEACE... You know that feeling....Your subconscious stores it...Your body recognises it....Your mind is calmed by it...Your soul just loves it....

Yeah.....You know this PEACE... Breathe it in.... DEEPLY now.....

When you tap into this soul memory dear ones, you are tapping into the Peace Codes. You may not have been conscious of it, but you have been radiating these Peace Codes into the world all your life. They are part of your energy signature. They are part of your DNA. They are an inseparable part of you. 

We love you, our most beloved Sirian emissaries on Earth!

We are ecstatic that you are able to establish a conscious connection with us now. We feel delighted as we watch you awaken and embrace your multidimensional Starseed energy.

Your dense emotions and Earthly experiences may block these Peace Codes from being in your awareness at all times. But every now and then, you will receive a crystal clear glimpse of these Codes. And when you do, soak in the energy as much as you can. Breathe it in as much as you can. 

These Codes are never lost, dearest ones. They are always with you, nestled safely in the tender space of your Higher Heart. And one day, you shall reunite with them in eternal splendid glory. Until then, you may call upon them whenever you feel the longing for sweet peace in your Earthly life. 

Gaia needs you to radiate these Peace Codes. So, every time you connect with them, do send some of it down through your feet, into the heart and core of beautiful Gaia. 

Let her relax and heal in the softness of these codes, just as you do. Let her breathe them into her body and soul. Breathe it out into the world around you. Let it reach organism, every plant, every bird, every insect, every animal and every human. Let it reach every discord, every conflict, every broken heart, every anxious mind and every unwell body. 

May these Peace Codes radiate far and wide. 

And if you ever hear a niggling voice doubting your ability to do this, we say to you, 

"Just do it!"

You do not have to figure out how the Peace Codes work. The Cosmos will take care of that. You only have to act as a channel and breathe it out. You only have to embody it from time to time, so some of it may spill over to those that come in contact with you. 

We are ever so grateful to you for doing this work, beautiful ones. We have said this before, but we would like to reiterate that we truly admire your courage and your willingness to take up this mission in the density of the atmosphere prevalent on Earth. The density will only lighten hereafter.... And you shall see it!

With all our LOVE, until next time
Your Star Family from Sirius

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 27th June, 2019. 

About the Author

Haripriya is a Reiki Master Teacher, an Angel healer and a Starseed Lightworker. Her purpose is to help souls awaken to the truth of their divine light and to connect with their sacred missions.

Haripriya offers personalised Starseed transmissions and the following online courses through Reiki Rays University.

Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Magic Formula to Heal Inner Conflicts

All of us are faced by inner conflicts at times. We have two voices within, each pulling us in different directions. Both voices seem valid and we are torn between choosing one over the other. 

The conflict can be as simple as what to eat for dinner or as complex as which job offer to pick. 

To quote an example, I have been offering weekly services at a school. There have been some changes in protocol this academic year. These changes did not feel very comfortable to me and a part of me does not resonate with this role any more. Another part of me loves going to this school and spending time with children. I am torn between the two choices!

To the logical mind, an inner conflict can be a painful experience. But it is not so to our intuition. Our inner wisdom, in partnership with the body and the mind, can lead us to the perfect solution. 

Here is a three step magical formula that can help resolve inner conflicts-

 Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

 Accept and Embrace

Accepting that we have an inner conflict unfolding within us can help. It helps to honour both of our conflicting voices. For example, with regards to my inner conflict, I may say- 

Yes, I do not resonate with the new protocol. 
Yes, I do love being a part of this school community. 

Embracing both voices fully and completely helps dissolve the tension energy building up around the inner conflict. When you love and embrace your feelings fully, the choice you finally make will be a conscious empowered choice. 

Give it Time

As you embrace both the conflicting voices, give your body and mind time to absorb this energetic input. Bask in this energy for a few days. Do not make any decision at this time.

Receive the Answer

When your body and mind have received sufficient time to process your input, they will spontaneously reveal the answer to you. You may have a sudden flash of insight and simply know which choice to pick. Or your body may signal a greater sense of peace and comfort towards one of the choices. The body is always spot on in its assessment. 

And you will get your answer!

If picking one of the choices means letting go of something else, that will inevitably turn out to be for your highest good too. Picking the choice that feels right in every way is what matters most.

Love and Peace

Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Angel Moments

We are human right now. However, it is possible for us to live like angels (at least at times!).

Remember an instance when a fellow human did something unexpected for you and it touched your heart. That person acted as your angel at that point in time.

I was at a social event some years ago. This was at a time when I did not practice energy protection. I ended up absorbing a lot of discordant energy from my surroundings and began to feel sensitive and weepy. On my way back from the event, I stopped at a little cafe for a cup of tea. The cafe was located in the midst of nature and had beautiful trees and flowers adorning it. The serene surroundings helped me feel better and I found myself admiring the pretty pumpkin plants and flowers in bloom there. The owner of the cafe, a kind lady, brought me my tea. I do not know what exactly transpired but when I paid the bill, she handed me a bunch of those beautiful flowers!

I was so touched by her gesture. Not only did it heal my grumpy mood but left me feeling grateful that such kindness exists on Earth. This woman acted as my angel that day!

 Image by Jo-B from Pixabay

A bus driver in our city Bangalore has created a mini garden in his bus. He says passengers appear stressed when they board the bus and that the greenery inside helps them relax! Passengers have now named this bus 'The Garden Bus" and eagerly wait to board it. Whether he views himself as one or not, this amazing bus driver is an angel indeed!

These little acts of healing go a long way in making one live as an Angel on Earth.

Every time people do unconditional acts of service for us, they embody angelic energy. Since we live in a human body and are influenced by the ego, we may not be able to live like angels all the time. At times, we may be angels for others while at other times, we require others to be our angels. This is perfectly natural!
I hope this post inspires you to recognise your very own 'Angel Moments!' 

Monday, 24 June 2019

Ten Ways to Love Yourself

Loving ourselves is such an important part of spiritual growth. 

As children, we may have been conditioned to believe that we must put others first and that we come last. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, there are family emergencies and certain crisis situations when we have to put others first. However, if we put ourselves last even during the course of normal day to day life, we are likely to experience burnout, resentment and frustration. 

Self-love is something that many of us have learnt the hard way. It goes way beyond saying 'I love you' to ourselves, though that is a great place to start! Self-love is a force that permeates every aspect of our existence and helps us create a wholesome life for ourselves. 

 Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Here are ten ways in which you can show love to yourself-

  • Give yourself at least ten minutes of quiet 'me time' when you wake up every morning. Enjoy a hot cup of tea, meditate or journal in solitude. 
  • Hug yourself often and say 'I love you.' It does not matter if this feels fake. Begin to express love to yourself anyway. 
  • Nourish your physical body with nutritious food, restful sleep and some form of exercise that resonates with you. Get a relaxing massage every month. Learn and practice a relaxing form of energy therapy such as Reiki. 
  • Nourish and protect your mental body. Reduce or eliminate the influence of gossip, drama and sensationalism. Watch programs that bring you joy and make you laugh.
  • Nurture your emotional body. Honour your emotions- the positive and the negative. Enjoy your positive emotions. Accept and hold space for the negative ones until they pass.  
  • Make time for your soul. Meditate for at least five minutes each day. Review your life periodically and work towards bringing healing and balance to unhealed areas of your life. 
  • Make some time for your passions and soul callings. Dance, write, paint, read, listen to music, do healing work or whatever else delights your heart. 
  • Treat yourself to a pleasurable activity at least once a month. More often if you wish to! Maybe relish your favourite ice cream at the cafe, buy yourself a present or get together with like minded friends for some fun. 
  • Ask for help from others when required. If there's something in your daily life that takes up a lot of your time and energy, see if you can outsource it. 
  • Draw clear and reasonable energetic boundaries with respect to your time and space and also with regards to how you allow yourself to be treated. Stand up for yourself. Do not allow people to trespass your boundaries. Respect your worth!
As you make self-love an important part of your life, you will have more love, joy and peace to share with those around you. Through your own example, you may even inspire others to love themselves!

Sending you love. 

Sunday, 23 June 2019

Talking to Angels

If you are drawn to working with Angels or learning more about them, it is a sign that they are part of your life already! 

And when this desire to connect with the Angels shows up, one of the commonest questions asked is-

"How do I communicate with the Angels?" 

The good news is that Angel communication is easy and everyone can do it. Your desire to connect with the Angels indicates that their energy is already part of your auric field. Now you simply have to tune into it. 

You can connect with the Angels in meditation, You may write to them. Or you may just talk to them like you talk to other humans. 

In order to talk to them, simply say 'Angels of Light' aloud and visualise their energy before you. If you find it hard to visualise, just trust and know that they are there. And just begin to talk like you would talk to a friend. This may feel awkward at first! But as you practice it often, it begins to feel natural and easy. 

 Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

Talk to the Angels about your feelings, Share your concerns. Ask for help. Talk about your day. Talk about anything you feel like! The Angels don't judge. So, feel free to open up to them and to show your authentic self to them. 

For example, you may say, 

"Dear Angels of Light. Thank you for connecting with me. I had a fast paced week. I am so looking forward to getting some rest this weekend. Can you help me slow down and help myself? Thank you!" 


"Dear Angels of Light. Thank you for connecting with me. Could you please envelop me and my loved ones in a bubble of pink light and watch over us while we sleep? Thank you!"

The words do not matter much. All that matters is that you speak from your heart. And do remember to say 'Thank you."

With the Angels on your team, you will never have to feel alone again! 

Angel Blessings to you!

Friday, 21 June 2019

'Healing the Traumatised Heart' - Transmission from Sirius

Greetings Dear Ones,

As we come in, we would like to give you a warm energy hug. Feel it! We love you so so so much.

We know the last few days have been a challenging time for many of you. We know your soft heart has been rocked like a boat in a storm. Your gentle heart, that is so full of Divine love, tenderness and innocence, has been challenged to the core. It has been so traumatised that, you dear ones, almost thought it would explode in pain. 

Yet you must know, beautiful souls, that like an airplane is built to withstand turbulence in the air, your heart is also built to withstand emotional turbulence. Air turbulence may cause your plane to shake violently, but not to crash. Similarly, emotional turbulence may make your heart fluttered and restless. But it can never shut it down completely.

Have you ever wondered, dear ones, how an airplane that seems so delicate to the human mind can travel at such great speeds and tolerate such harsh turbulence? It was designed by a brilliant mind to function that way. 

Your heart, has been designed by the ONE brilliant mind that gives birth to all other brilliant minds. And your heart is one of the most intriguing creations of this ONE. 

Image by Vlad Ymyr from Pixabay

No matter how much your heart has been wounded,  no matter how much pain it has suffered, no matter how much trauma it has endured, there is always an opening for love to blossom within it once more. 

And this love, our dearest ones, is what you must bring your awareness to, time and again. You must fill yourself up with it over and over again. 

During your time on Earth, dear souls, your heart will be wounded again and again. The harsh words and unthoughtful behaviours of other souls can leave scars on your heart. Sometimes, it is 'others' who engage in behaviour that hurts your heart, while at other times, it is 'you' who engages in hurtful behaviour towards others. 

As you ascend in consciousness, you will become more and more aware of these heart chakra traumas that play out on the physical plane. You will become more and more conscious of your own words and behaviour. You will also feel pain more deeply when others hurt you, However, you must remember that this kind of purging is a natural part of the ascension process and happens from time to time. 

Forgive yourself and others and make every effort to release trauma quickly. In this time of accelerated ascension, you cannot hold on to your wounds for extended periods of time, dear ones. They will begin to feel like an intolerable burden on your shoulders. If those causing you pain are not willing to let go, let go from your end and take care of your own heart first. In extreme cases, you may have to leave some people behind so that you can continue on your ascension pathway. But more often than not, when you take care of your own heart first, the 'others' causing you pain also wake up to a more heart centered consciousness.

Let the cells in your body purge the pain that is stored within them. Do not be afraid to feel your pain fully. For it is only when you feel it fully in the dark, that you rise up into the light with a renewed strength. 

We commend your bravery, dear Warriors of Light! Our words cannot express the awe we feel when we see you working through issues of the heart. That something so natural as love, must feel so constricted and painful, feels incomprehensible to the Warrior of Light that you are. But this is the fear that you have come to Earth to transmute. If love prevailed at all times, your presence here would not be required, beautiful ones! 

We say to you that you are strong enough to do this work. We say to you that your heart has the power, even if it feels impossible at times. When you begin to feel that it's impossible, simply remind yourself of the airplane confronted by turbulence. And charge ahead with your heart open, fearless and determined!

On a final note we send you these words of love in light language, which you may recite if you wish to and seal into your hearts-

Amaya so mataya,
Beresi o navi,
Maira swentesta...

You do not have to make logical sense of these words. These words contain frequencies that your soul will understand on a deeper level. 

This is the essence of these words-

The enormous love that was once contained in my heart,
But is now lost, hidden and disguised, 
The love that is scattered across space, time and experience,
I call ALL of it back to me now.....

We love you our most cherished Beings of Light!

Sending you many blessings

Until next time
Your Beloved Star Family from Sirius

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Full Moon Collective Cleanse

The full moon has just passed. Phew!

How did it go for you? For a lot of people, including me, it was a huge challenge.

Old patterns started showing up almost a week prior to the full moon. As I cleansed whatever showed up in my energy field, more and more showed up.

Collective pain patterns also showed up on a massive scale here in India. 

The Indian medical community has been in a crisis for the last few days. In an unfortunate turn of events, some doctors were assaulted (one of them grievously) by angry patients. This has created angst and pain in the medical fraternity.  The doctor-patient relationship in India is strained, with patients growing more distrustful by the day and doctors more frustrated with patient attitudes. So, it was interesting to observe that this volcano erupted in the days leading up to the full moon.

There were protests galore all over the country and emotional outbursts were at an all time high. I normally stay away from sensational media reports. However, since I am closely associated with the medical community, I could not help but see how much this had affected them on a personal level. And from them, it spilled over to me too.

Unable to bear the pain energy floating around, I asked my Spiritual Team if there was some way in which I could help ease this anguish. The guidance I received was to create a piece of writing that could help heal and empower. 

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In order to reach the common man, I felt like the newspaper would be the best platform to have this published. But media houses seemed reluctant to accept this piece of writing. The feeling I got was that publishing heart centered writing may hamper the sensationalism building around this trending issue.

This realisation created more pain in me. I began to feel like there is no hope for a more peaceful planet if people stubbornly hold on to drama and sensationalism.

I was feeling like a restless bear and I reached out to my Spiritual Team for guidance again. They answered me through my dear friend and Reiki Master Teacher Justine Melton. She offered me some beautiful words of comfort on how to get through this collective pain energy and also pulled an angel tarot card for me which read-

'Don't give up. Protect that which you've created. Have courage and believe in yourself."

My learning from this episode is -

1. Obstacles sometimes show up on the path. Serving as a lightworker is not always easy. So, it helps to be gentle with ourselves.

2. People must be allowed to learn their own lessons. It is alright if people and the media in particular, are not ready to walk the path of the heart. They may choose to do so in their own time. 

3. As healers and lightworkers, we just continue to do our work quietly and go with the flow. We are supported by the web of lightworkers across the planet and by our Spiritual Team from the higher dimensions.The planetary changes that must occur will unfold in Divine Time.

What have your observations been during the course of this full moon? What came up for you personally? Did something come up for collective cleansing in your part of the world? 

Honour your experiences. Acknowledge the healing and growth you may have experienced in the last one week. If other people were involved and the process of healing felt extra hard, remember that Earth is a free will zone. People must be allowed to learn their lessons in their own way, at their own time. If you cannot do anything concrete to help, simply send love and light to the situation and let go.

Remember to take care of yourself first. Make self-healing a priority. Ensure you are well rested, especially during turbulent times and that your own cup is full always. The collective will take care of itself! 

Sending you love!


Tuesday, 18 June 2019

A Lightworker's Prayer

As you awaken spiritually, it can often seem like you are all alone on your path. But the truth is that there is huge support available, both from the higher realms as well as from Gaia herself.

Prayer and meditation are great ways to stay connected with our Spiritual Support Team. When I asked for a concrete tool to stay connected with Spiritual Support, I received the prayer below as the answer. You may recite in once every morning and repeat it again at night if you wish to!

Love and Blessings. 

 Image by Karen Smits from Pixabay

A Lightworker's Prayer

My Dearest Divine Source, I AM Presence, Higher Self, Spirit Guides, Angels and Archangels, Ascended Masters, Gaia and Star Families from across the Cosmos,

Thank you for watching over me and for guiding me on my path!

I have had some good times and some not so good times on Earth. I have now awakened after many years of deep sleep. I understand that everything I experienced here has served my personal evolution and has shaped me well for the work I am here to do.

As I awaken more and more each day- 

I ask for strength to let go of victim consciousness one hundred percent.

I ask for the will to let go of limiting  beliefs and self-sabotaging patterns .

I ask to be completely tuned in to my own energy and power. I ask for protection from all misaligned energies.   

I ask for the courage to be myself and to recognise my gifts.

I ask for opportunities that will help me utilise my gifts and live at my highest potential.

I ask that I am called to serve in the areas where my gifts can bring blessings to humanity.

I ask that I am aligned with financial abundance so I may work on my mission with unwavering focus. 

I ask for a deeper connection with my heart so I may then infuse every aspect of my existence with love. 

I ask for my light to burn brighter and to radiate into the world around me.   

I ask that all lightworkers and starseeds across the planet be helped through their own awakening.   

As I awaken more and more each day.... 

I command Divine support to create Heaven on Earth!


Monday, 17 June 2019

A Special Message from Andromeda

Dear Souls,

Greetings from the Healing Temple of Andromeda!

A Golden Being, that you may visualise as a mermaid, steps forth from the temple. She carries with her a golden crystal ball.

She walks towards you now, with the intention of handing this golden ball to you. Open up your palms and receive it with gratitude.
This golden crystal ball carries a special message for you. Pay attention to your thoughts and feelings as you hold it in your palms. Take all the time you need. Pay attention to any insights that you may receive. With a deep breath, absorb this message into your Being.

You can hand over this golden crystal ball to one another person on Earth that you feel guided to. Connect with the Higher Self of this person and hand it over to him or her. If you do not feel guided to do this, simply hand the crystal back to the Mer Being and thank her for this opportunity.

 Image by Kyoung-Sik Choi from Pixabay

Beautiful Souls, we do not wish to say much, for we would like you to remember who you are.The energy of the golden crystal ball can assist you with this process of remembering.

It may feel like it's been ages since you lived as the multidimensional starseed that you are - a limitless, joyful and highly conscious energy being. The numerous incarnations on Earth may have you feeling completely disconnected from your origins and more identified with third dimensional reality. However, you need to know that this is part of the game. It is part of the package to Earth.

And though this tour to Earth seemed scary, you agreed to sign up only because you knew that you wouldn't be asleep forever. You knew you would awaken at some point. And that point of awakening has arrived. 

We invite you to connect with the Healing Temple of Andromeda whenever you feel like it. Simply read through this transmission again and you will feel connected. We are here to support you through your awakening. We are here to guide you through your mission. Do not wait any longer, dear ones. Take small steps or large ones. But get to work on what you are there to do. You know what your gifts are. Begin to share them with the world. Starting NOW....

And if ever you feel lost. remember the message the golden crystal ball had for you.... 

Until next time...

Love, Blessings and Wisdom
From your Star Family on Andromeda

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 15th June, 2019.  

Sunday, 16 June 2019

Full Moon Channelled Message from Archangel Michael and Jesus

Archangel Michael

Dear Ones,

Walking the healing path means being willing to leave the old behind as you encounter new territory. Leaving the old behind can feel fearful and uncomfortable. Your old fears, suffocating patterns, outdated beliefs, stagnant working conditions and dysfunctional aspects of relationships are now rotten beyond recognition. Though they are rotten, they feel familiar and hence may bring a skewed sense of comfort to you. But this comfort does not serve you any more, beautiful soul. Earth is now ascending to a level where holding these old energies will become burdensome to you.

As higher frequencies of Divine light penetrate your Being, holding on to the old ‘stuckness’ can ooze the life force out of you. As you may have experienced several times on your path, the old energy dances like a ‘demon’ in front of your eyes until you are forced to bring out your weapons and do something about it. And if you do nothing about it, the demon comes back to haunt you time and again.

The demon seems to be very visible in the light of the full moon! The idea of using your weapons is not to annihilate the demon but rather to transmute him into an Angel. For the demon is also an Angel who has gone astray, who has lost his path.

Do not fear your inner demons for you are indeed well equipped to handle them. You just have to believe in yourself and in the power of your heart.
The journey of the heart includes forgiveness work. And forgiveness starts with yourself.

This full moon, I ask that you forgive yourself for giving in to your inner demons time and again. I ask that you forgive yourself for everything that you feel is holding you back. Forgive your perceived mistakes. Forgive your imperfections. Perfection does not exist on Earth, dear one. Please do not be hard on yourself. Free yourself  as best as you can, so you may rise to the next level on your Ascension journey.

This full moon, I walk beside you with the Flame of Courage. In the light and protection of this flame, I urge you to transmute the demon and witness the rising of an Angel.

Blessings to you, dearest warriors of the Light!

Jesus Christ

Blessed Souls,

Visualize a little baby or the young one of an animal lying peacefully in your arms. As you hold this tiny being, can you feel love in your heart? Send that pure love to yourself. Breathe it in.

Just as the little being evokes pure love in your heart, you, beautiful soul, evoke pure love in my heart and in the hearts of every Higher Being that watches over 

 Image by Sabine Zierer from Pixabay

As you walk the path of the heart, I am here to support you. I understand the hardships of life in a physical body. I know it’s easy to lose touch with the heart due to the play of dark and light on this plane of duality. But you are now on a very important journey of ascension, where you have evolved to be very conscious of the light and the dark. And part of your journey, at this significant time, involves transmuting the darkness.

To do this important work, your heart must be open.

Your beautiful heart can hold infinite love. And this love, dear ones, must first reach you.

Your beautiful heart can hold infinite forgiveness. And this forgiveness, dear ones, must first reach you.

Your beautiful heart can hold infinite compassion. And this compassion, dear ones, must first reach you.

So, my dearest ones, forgive yourself and you shall be free.

Love yourself and you shall have a bounty of love to share with the world.

On this sacred night of the full moon, I walk beside you with a healing balm of LOVE. If you find it hard to forgive yourself, do not hesitate to ask me for this balm. I would be happy to apply this balm on your heart so it can open up to do the necessary work.

I love you my dear souls of Earth’s healing community!

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this full moon message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 12th June, 2019.