Monday, 3 June 2019

15 Affirmations for the New Moon

The New Moon is symbolic of new beginnings. Around the time of the New Moon each month, we are presented with a golden opportunity to create life anew.

You are like an artist that is gifted a blank canvas. What you create on the canvas is completely up to you! You have infinite possibilities before you. You are free to unleash your creativity and to paint a picture that delights your body, mind and soul.

So, what would you like to paint today?

 Image by garageband from Pixabay

Affirmations are a great creative tool. They can help plant the seeds of new beginnings by making subtle changes in our consciousness.

Here is a list of affirmations that you may write down on a sheet of paper. In order to integrate the energy of these affirmations into your Being, you may place this sheet under your pillow while you sleep. You may also put it in a box and leave it outdoors in the darkness of the New Moon Night (in a safe and private space of course). 

As a lightworker, it is extremely powerful when you state affirmations in the name of your Highest Divine Self, which is called the I AM Presence.This will ensure you are aligned with Divine flow, which is the state that supports effortless creation.

New Moon Affirmations

  • I AM a Being of Love, Light, Power, Strength and Wisdom.
  • I AM completely aligned with my I AM Presence.
  • I AM residing in a vibrant healthy body. I AM whole and balanced.
  • I AM safe and supported by Source above and Earth below. 
  • I AM aligned with abundance of every kind - health, wealth, opportunity, love, peace, contentment, joy and all things good. 
  • I AM aligned with my Highest Potential in every moment.
  • I AM always in the right place at the right time, surrounded by the right opportunity. 
  • I AM aligned with my heart centre. I love, accept and forgive myself completely. 
  • I AM aligned with my heart centre. As I love myself, I also love, accept and forgive others completely. 
  • I AM gentle and easy on myself. I take life one step at a time. I heal one step at a time.
  • I AM talented and gifted. I allow myself to shine. 
  • I AM deeply intuitive. 
  • I AM highly creative.
  • I AM worthy and deserving of the best. 
  • I AM empowered in every facet of my life. 
    Do read the affirmations out loud after you write them. 
    Happy New Moon! 

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