Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Angel Moments

We are human right now. However, it is possible for us to live like angels (at least at times!).

Remember an instance when a fellow human did something unexpected for you and it touched your heart. That person acted as your angel at that point in time.

I was at a social event some years ago. This was at a time when I did not practice energy protection. I ended up absorbing a lot of discordant energy from my surroundings and began to feel sensitive and weepy. On my way back from the event, I stopped at a little cafe for a cup of tea. The cafe was located in the midst of nature and had beautiful trees and flowers adorning it. The serene surroundings helped me feel better and I found myself admiring the pretty pumpkin plants and flowers in bloom there. The owner of the cafe, a kind lady, brought me my tea. I do not know what exactly transpired but when I paid the bill, she handed me a bunch of those beautiful flowers!

I was so touched by her gesture. Not only did it heal my grumpy mood but left me feeling grateful that such kindness exists on Earth. This woman acted as my angel that day!

 Image by Jo-B from Pixabay

A bus driver in our city Bangalore has created a mini garden in his bus. He says passengers appear stressed when they board the bus and that the greenery inside helps them relax! Passengers have now named this bus 'The Garden Bus" and eagerly wait to board it. Whether he views himself as one or not, this amazing bus driver is an angel indeed!

These little acts of healing go a long way in making one live as an Angel on Earth.

Every time people do unconditional acts of service for us, they embody angelic energy. Since we live in a human body and are influenced by the ego, we may not be able to live like angels all the time. At times, we may be angels for others while at other times, we require others to be our angels. This is perfectly natural!
I hope this post inspires you to recognise your very own 'Angel Moments!' 

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