Friday, 7 June 2019

Angels in Disguise

A little human Angel was sent down to Earth. She was born heathy and bubbly like most other children. However, early in her life, she developed cancer.

This Angelic child also has an Angel Mama who dared to hope even after being told by several doctors that nothing much could be done to help her baby. This is due to lack of advanced medical care in their country.

After exhausting most of her resources in trying to find help for her child, this Mama reached out to Divine Source and asked for help. 

And Source answered Mama's prayer by arranging to have an angelic doctor from abroad cross their path. The doctor said that he would certainly try to help as best as he could, with the backing of the more advanced medical facilities available here in urban India. 

Soon after, Mama and Baby made the trip overseas. Today, the child is receiving quality medical care from a team of competent and compassionate doctors.

There is something special and divine about this child. She has left such a deep impact on everyone around her that I was guided to visit her myself. I asked my husband, who is her doctor, if I could see her and thankfully, the little Angel and Mama agreed to see me. And my visit turned out to be a huge blessing to my own energy field.  

Image by Sarah Richter from Pixabay

The peace, calm and strength this child radiates is contagious. The soft smile she flashes is enough to melt hearts. Though she is just a child, she embodies the strength of a Goddess.
Intuitively, I felt that this child's higher purpose is to help heal the hearts and souls of all she encounters.

And though she was the patient and I was her visitor, I returned home feeling very healed; like an Angel had touched my heart, like I had returned not from a hospital but from a 'Temple of Healing.'

I returned home feeling more empowered by the strength of the Divine Mother that her Mama exhibits, through her own will to persevere and her unshaken trust in Higher Will. 

I returned home feeling joyful that medical care has evolved not just technologically but also in the zone of the heart. I saw the doctors and nurses attending to this child literally working like Angels; they checked on her frequently and ensured she felt safe, loved and comfortable. The healer in me felt very inspired as I observed the healer in them. 

I returned home feeling a renewed connection with the Angelic realms and grateful to the Divine Angels of Light for leading me to this little Angel in disguise. 

Very often, Angels disguised as humans live amongst us. They have lessons to teach us and beautiful energies to share with us. We simply have to notice them......

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