Thursday, 6 June 2019

Five Steps to the Pot of Gold

Many lightworkers face a challenging relationship with money. A lot of us grew up with the belief that in order to have enough money in our account, we must either be born with a silver spoon in our mouth or that we must work hard at certain jobs that put us on top of the game. We may also have believed that we must continue to work at jobs we don't resonate with simply because there is no other choice. Many lightworkers wish to devote their lives to healing activities or work at jobs that resonate with their heart, but worry about where the money will come from. 

If you ever find yourself feeling this way, take heart! It is possible for you to re-frame your equation with money in a whole new positive way.In the new paradigm, there is no place for limiting beliefs and the sky is the limit.

The following five shifts that you make in the inner world of your consciousness can help you unearth your Pot of Gold in the outer!

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Shift Human Perspective

In the current time period, money has evolved to be one of the most common and convenient forms of exchange in use ; meaning it is offered in exchange for a product or service. 

At the deepest level, everything is simply energy. So, money is also a form of energy. Shifting your perspective to view money simply as a form of energy exchange may help you lower any exaggerated importance that you may have placed on it.

Embrace Spirit's Perspective

It is true that money brings freedom and security in the context of human life. But this is simply because, as a society, we have agreed to keep it working this way. 

From the point of view of Spirit, the possession of money does not make anyone less or more.It is we humans that have manufactured the paper notes and coins! From Spirit's perspective, paper money equates with energy and is nothing more than a frequency. 

Hereafter, every time you come in contact with money, see it through the eyes of Spirit. See it as a frequency. 

Say Goodbye to Old Conditioning

If you've picked up negative beliefs around money, make an empowered choice to let them go

Some such beliefs could include-

  • Money is hard to come by
  • The people who are born rich are so lucky when compared to the rest.
  • I must work extremely hard in order to be rich. 
  • Rich people are 'bad' or 'shallow'.
  • Rich people attain their wealth through unethical means. 
  • Money is the root cause of many problems. 

All these beliefs are acquired. Neither of them is completely true or false. 

  • Yes, money is hard to come by for some people but not so for others. 
  • Yes, some people lead a comfortable life by virtue of their inheritance but there are others who create comfortable lives through their own efforts too.
  • Yes, some people work very hard to make lots of money, while there are others who work smart and make lots of money too. 
  • Yes, some rich people can appear 'bad' or 'shallow' but so do many people who are not rich.
  • Yes, some people obtain their money through unethical means but there are many perfectly ethical people who have lots of money. 
  • And for the last one, money in itself is not the root cause of any problem. It is humans who sometimes choose to make money a problematic factor in their lives. There are loads of people for whom money does not create problems but brings blessings instead.  There are people who enrich their own lives and the lives of those around them with the help of money. 

Earth is a free will zone. So, we have the power to choose our beliefs and create our own realities. We have the power to use tools such as money to create hell or heaven. Nothing is set in stone. Choose empowering beliefs for yourself and decide what kind of a reality you wish to experience. And this is what you will create in your life!


Make it a practice to feel grateful for the money that is already circulating in your life. Every time you receive money for your work or even as a gift, say 'Thank you.' Every time you give away money as exchange for a product or service, say "Thank you." As per the principles of the law of attraction, the high vibration of gratitude will help attract more money into your life. 

Be a Golden Being of Joyful Abundance

Golden light is a very high frequency of Divine Light that resonates with abundance of every kind- love, light, power, compassion, strength, bounty and Divinity.
It is the light to call in when you feel disconnected from your Divine Self and find lower emotions of lack ruling your life. 

During meditation, my Spiritual Team guided me to first release old beliefs and conditioning with regard to financial abundance and thereafter fill myself up with golden light. It is more effective to release old discordant energy first and then absorb new frequencies. Most often, I use the Violet Flame to release the old. 

My Spiritual Team also presented this affirmation-

"I AM a Golden Being of Joyful Abundance." 

You may recite this affirmation or post it somewhere in your home. As you recite or see this, you will absorb its essence into your core. 

As a lightworker, you will receive all the support you need to do your work and this includes financial abundance too. However, you must first do the inner work to heal your blocks. The outer will then automatically take care of itself

Showers of Golden Blessings to you!


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