Monday, 10 June 2019

Four Tips for the Sensitive Soul

Have you ever felt like you have an energy within you that can ignite when stimulated beyond a certain threshold?

Do you feel you are highly sensitive or have you been told so by others?

Many people are highly sensitive, not just to feelings and emotions but to several other factors too.

As a child, I was mostly sensitive to feelings and was labelled 'touchy.'
As I made spiritual progress, I found my sensitivity levels rising even higher and affected by more factors than ever before.

In order to facilitate a better understanding, I will share some common triggers that drive me up the wall-

1. Sudden jarring noises

2. Loud voices booming across from a neighbour's house or even from people within my own family.

3. Dirt, clutter and disorganisation.

4. Poor air circulation

5. Prolonged exposure to noise, chatter or crowds

6. Sarcasm
 Maybe you can relate to some of these factors or you have your own set of triggers.

When you are highly sensitive, a trigger can seem to impact you ten or more times than the average individual. To an observer, your response may seem disproportionate in comparison to the trigger factor. As unreasonable as their behavior seems at times, it is hard for highly sensitive people to prevent themselves from feeling overwhelmed easily.

The Gift in Sensitivity

Our sensitivity is a gift in that it helps us feel everything more deeply. It also helps us tune in to our intuitive side and to accelerate our spiritual growth. However, the downside is that it can create some challenges as we go about our daily life. Feeling over stimulated and edgy frequently can drain our energy and also create interpersonal issues. People may find the disproportionate responses of a sensitive person difficult to understand or handle, thereby leading to conflict.

So if you're highly sensitive, it is in your best interest to strike a balance between honouring your sensitivity and leading a near normal life at the same time.

Here are four tips that may be of help-

Accept and Honour

The first requirement is that you accept your sensitivity wholeheartedly. You acknowledge and understand that it's just the way you're wired. It's important to know that there's nothing wrong with you. 

It's also important that you honour the positive aspects of your sensitivity. Maybe you're very considerate of others' feelings and go the extra mile to be kind. Maybe you feel and experience the beauty in the world very deeply. Maybe you relish every sip of tea and feel its rich flavours tantalising your taste buds. Your sensitivity can be a great gift to you!

Energy Protection 

Practising some form of energy protection each day can bring immense benefit. If you are sensitive, you also tend to absorb all sorts of energy into your field. And if you're energy body is already bogged down by piles of negativity, the smallest of triggers can lead to an explosion! On the other hand, if your personal space is clean and clear, managing smaller triggers becomes easier.

Time Out

When you find yourself feeling extra sensitive, try to take a time out. If you're in a social situation, excuse yourself and head straight to the restroom or another private space. Do some deep breathing and grounding exercises. Maybe even go out for a short walk. And get back to the group when you're feeling more centered.

If you're at home, you can take this time out in the privacy of your bedroom. 


It is helpful to open up to your near and dear ones about your sensitivity. It is important that your sensitivity not affect your intimate relationships. When your close family and friends are aware of your sensitivity, it can make a huge difference to you.

It is not necessary that your parents, partner, friends or children empathise or sympathise with you. It is enough for them to be aware, so they can give you some space and not take any seemingly 'unreasonable' behaviour personally. And of course, if you feel you overreacted to something and hurt a loved one, it always helps to briefly explain what you were going through and to apologise to them from your heart. Loving and open communication can be a great healer. 

It is possible to honour your beautiful sensitive nature while also enjoying life to the fullest!

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