Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Full Moon Collective Cleanse

The full moon has just passed. Phew!

How did it go for you? For a lot of people, including me, it was a huge challenge.

Old patterns started showing up almost a week prior to the full moon. As I cleansed whatever showed up in my energy field, more and more showed up.

Collective pain patterns also showed up on a massive scale here in India. 

The Indian medical community has been in a crisis for the last few days. In an unfortunate turn of events, some doctors were assaulted (one of them grievously) by angry patients. This has created angst and pain in the medical fraternity.  The doctor-patient relationship in India is strained, with patients growing more distrustful by the day and doctors more frustrated with patient attitudes. So, it was interesting to observe that this volcano erupted in the days leading up to the full moon.

There were protests galore all over the country and emotional outbursts were at an all time high. I normally stay away from sensational media reports. However, since I am closely associated with the medical community, I could not help but see how much this had affected them on a personal level. And from them, it spilled over to me too.

Unable to bear the pain energy floating around, I asked my Spiritual Team if there was some way in which I could help ease this anguish. The guidance I received was to create a piece of writing that could help heal and empower. 

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

In order to reach the common man, I felt like the newspaper would be the best platform to have this published. But media houses seemed reluctant to accept this piece of writing. The feeling I got was that publishing heart centered writing may hamper the sensationalism building around this trending issue.

This realisation created more pain in me. I began to feel like there is no hope for a more peaceful planet if people stubbornly hold on to drama and sensationalism.

I was feeling like a restless bear and I reached out to my Spiritual Team for guidance again. They answered me through my dear friend and Reiki Master Teacher Justine Melton. She offered me some beautiful words of comfort on how to get through this collective pain energy and also pulled an angel tarot card for me which read-

'Don't give up. Protect that which you've created. Have courage and believe in yourself."

My learning from this episode is -

1. Obstacles sometimes show up on the path. Serving as a lightworker is not always easy. So, it helps to be gentle with ourselves.

2. People must be allowed to learn their own lessons. It is alright if people and the media in particular, are not ready to walk the path of the heart. They may choose to do so in their own time. 

3. As healers and lightworkers, we just continue to do our work quietly and go with the flow. We are supported by the web of lightworkers across the planet and by our Spiritual Team from the higher dimensions.The planetary changes that must occur will unfold in Divine Time.

What have your observations been during the course of this full moon? What came up for you personally? Did something come up for collective cleansing in your part of the world? 

Honour your experiences. Acknowledge the healing and growth you may have experienced in the last one week. If other people were involved and the process of healing felt extra hard, remember that Earth is a free will zone. People must be allowed to learn their lessons in their own way, at their own time. If you cannot do anything concrete to help, simply send love and light to the situation and let go.

Remember to take care of yourself first. Make self-healing a priority. Ensure you are well rested, especially during turbulent times and that your own cup is full always. The collective will take care of itself! 

Sending you love!


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