Friday, 21 June 2019

'Healing the Traumatised Heart' - Transmission from Sirius

Greetings Dear Ones,

As we come in, we would like to give you a warm energy hug. Feel it! We love you so so so much.

We know the last few days have been a challenging time for many of you. We know your soft heart has been rocked like a boat in a storm. Your gentle heart, that is so full of Divine love, tenderness and innocence, has been challenged to the core. It has been so traumatised that, you dear ones, almost thought it would explode in pain. 

Yet you must know, beautiful souls, that like an airplane is built to withstand turbulence in the air, your heart is also built to withstand emotional turbulence. Air turbulence may cause your plane to shake violently, but not to crash. Similarly, emotional turbulence may make your heart fluttered and restless. But it can never shut it down completely.

Have you ever wondered, dear ones, how an airplane that seems so delicate to the human mind can travel at such great speeds and tolerate such harsh turbulence? It was designed by a brilliant mind to function that way. 

Your heart, has been designed by the ONE brilliant mind that gives birth to all other brilliant minds. And your heart is one of the most intriguing creations of this ONE. 

Image by Vlad Ymyr from Pixabay

No matter how much your heart has been wounded,  no matter how much pain it has suffered, no matter how much trauma it has endured, there is always an opening for love to blossom within it once more. 

And this love, our dearest ones, is what you must bring your awareness to, time and again. You must fill yourself up with it over and over again. 

During your time on Earth, dear souls, your heart will be wounded again and again. The harsh words and unthoughtful behaviours of other souls can leave scars on your heart. Sometimes, it is 'others' who engage in behaviour that hurts your heart, while at other times, it is 'you' who engages in hurtful behaviour towards others. 

As you ascend in consciousness, you will become more and more aware of these heart chakra traumas that play out on the physical plane. You will become more and more conscious of your own words and behaviour. You will also feel pain more deeply when others hurt you, However, you must remember that this kind of purging is a natural part of the ascension process and happens from time to time. 

Forgive yourself and others and make every effort to release trauma quickly. In this time of accelerated ascension, you cannot hold on to your wounds for extended periods of time, dear ones. They will begin to feel like an intolerable burden on your shoulders. If those causing you pain are not willing to let go, let go from your end and take care of your own heart first. In extreme cases, you may have to leave some people behind so that you can continue on your ascension pathway. But more often than not, when you take care of your own heart first, the 'others' causing you pain also wake up to a more heart centered consciousness.

Let the cells in your body purge the pain that is stored within them. Do not be afraid to feel your pain fully. For it is only when you feel it fully in the dark, that you rise up into the light with a renewed strength. 

We commend your bravery, dear Warriors of Light! Our words cannot express the awe we feel when we see you working through issues of the heart. That something so natural as love, must feel so constricted and painful, feels incomprehensible to the Warrior of Light that you are. But this is the fear that you have come to Earth to transmute. If love prevailed at all times, your presence here would not be required, beautiful ones! 

We say to you that you are strong enough to do this work. We say to you that your heart has the power, even if it feels impossible at times. When you begin to feel that it's impossible, simply remind yourself of the airplane confronted by turbulence. And charge ahead with your heart open, fearless and determined!

On a final note we send you these words of love in light language, which you may recite if you wish to and seal into your hearts-

Amaya so mataya,
Beresi o navi,
Maira swentesta...

You do not have to make logical sense of these words. These words contain frequencies that your soul will understand on a deeper level. 

This is the essence of these words-

The enormous love that was once contained in my heart,
But is now lost, hidden and disguised, 
The love that is scattered across space, time and experience,
I call ALL of it back to me now.....

We love you our most cherished Beings of Light!

Sending you many blessings

Until next time
Your Beloved Star Family from Sirius

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