Saturday, 29 June 2019

Seven Divine Qualities of Your Inner Child

As we go deeper into Reiki practice, we discover that Reiki does a lot more than help us relax and balance chakras. It assists our spiritual growth and helps our soul in a great many ways. Inner child work is a must for those of us seeking to grow spiritually. I say it is a ‘must’ not because it is a stringent rule but because having an alive inner child helps us achieve wholeness.

As children, all of us had some qualities that can be labelled ‘Divine.’ We possessed these qualities very naturally. But somewhere along the journey of growing up, we lost touch with them. The easiest way to know you are disconnected from your inner child is when you find yourself feeling very serious in life.

With Reiki as our support, we have the power to reclaim our Divine Inner Child qualities once again. In this article, let’s take a look at seven of these divine qualities we once had.


As an adult, you may often find yourself living in the past or future. Apart from wasting precious time and energy, this tendency can prevent you from feeling joyful.

As a child, do you remember that there was nothing called a past or future? THIS moment was all there was. And you lived fully in each moment. You had a sense of wonder towards life and every moment was new. These are your inner child qualities of PRESENCE and JOY.


As an adult, you may find yourself bottling up your troubled feelings and pretending like you're OK even when you're not. 

As a child, do you remember you allowed yourself to be angry with a friend who upset you? However, you were able to walk  hand in hand with the same friend after your anger passed? You were able to accept and feel your negative emotions fully and they disappeared as quickly as they came on. These are your inner child qualities of AUTHENTICITY and SELF ACCEPTANCE . 

 Image by Bessi from Pixabay


As an adult, you may find yourself worrying incessantly about how you come across to others. You may also find yourself planning your words and actions in great detail.

As a child, do you remember you were a lot more natural and what others thought of you was hardly on your mind? This is your inner child's quality of SPONTANEITY. 


As an adult, you may find yourself overthinking situations and refusing to trust life. To quote an example, my dear friend Reiki Master Teacher Justine Melton and I were working together on a fear of flying that we had developed over time. Fear of flying, though very real, is a classic example of overthinking and running worst case scenarios in our heads over and over again. The more we think about it, the worse it seems to get!  

Justine's little son taught us both a soul lesson, when he began to yell 'WOOHOO!' in great joy every time he saw a plane flying overhead. He served to remind us of the inner child qualities of INNOCENCE and TRUST that we once had as children.

In conclusion, reclaiming our divine inner child qualities does not imply we must live or act like children all the time! That would be unnatural. It is just a reminder that some of  the soulful qualities we had as children can help us immensely in our adult lives too. They can heal us and make life more enjoyable. Every few days, set the intention to connect with your inner child. You may do this prior to your self-Reiki sessions and request Reiki to assist you.

And the next time you find yourself getting very serious, ask your inner child for some advice. The joyful wisdom of your inner child may lighten up your life!

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