Monday, 24 June 2019

Ten Ways to Love Yourself

Loving ourselves is such an important part of spiritual growth. 

As children, we may have been conditioned to believe that we must put others first and that we come last. Nothing could be further from the truth. Of course, there are family emergencies and certain crisis situations when we have to put others first. However, if we put ourselves last even during the course of normal day to day life, we are likely to experience burnout, resentment and frustration. 

Self-love is something that many of us have learnt the hard way. It goes way beyond saying 'I love you' to ourselves, though that is a great place to start! Self-love is a force that permeates every aspect of our existence and helps us create a wholesome life for ourselves. 

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Here are ten ways in which you can show love to yourself-

  • Give yourself at least ten minutes of quiet 'me time' when you wake up every morning. Enjoy a hot cup of tea, meditate or journal in solitude. 
  • Hug yourself often and say 'I love you.' It does not matter if this feels fake. Begin to express love to yourself anyway. 
  • Nourish your physical body with nutritious food, restful sleep and some form of exercise that resonates with you. Get a relaxing massage every month. Learn and practice a relaxing form of energy therapy such as Reiki. 
  • Nourish and protect your mental body. Reduce or eliminate the influence of gossip, drama and sensationalism. Watch programs that bring you joy and make you laugh.
  • Nurture your emotional body. Honour your emotions- the positive and the negative. Enjoy your positive emotions. Accept and hold space for the negative ones until they pass.  
  • Make time for your soul. Meditate for at least five minutes each day. Review your life periodically and work towards bringing healing and balance to unhealed areas of your life. 
  • Make some time for your passions and soul callings. Dance, write, paint, read, listen to music, do healing work or whatever else delights your heart. 
  • Treat yourself to a pleasurable activity at least once a month. More often if you wish to! Maybe relish your favourite ice cream at the cafe, buy yourself a present or get together with like minded friends for some fun. 
  • Ask for help from others when required. If there's something in your daily life that takes up a lot of your time and energy, see if you can outsource it. 
  • Draw clear and reasonable energetic boundaries with respect to your time and space and also with regards to how you allow yourself to be treated. Stand up for yourself. Do not allow people to trespass your boundaries. Respect your worth!
As you make self-love an important part of your life, you will have more love, joy and peace to share with those around you. Through your own example, you may even inspire others to love themselves!

Sending you love. 

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