Wednesday, 26 June 2019

Magic Formula to Heal Inner Conflicts

All of us are faced by inner conflicts at times. We have two voices within, each pulling us in different directions. Both voices seem valid and we are torn between choosing one over the other. 

The conflict can be as simple as what to eat for dinner or as complex as which job offer to pick. 

To quote an example, I have been offering weekly services at a school. There have been some changes in protocol this academic year. These changes did not feel very comfortable to me and a part of me does not resonate with this role any more. Another part of me loves going to this school and spending time with children. I am torn between the two choices!

To the logical mind, an inner conflict can be a painful experience. But it is not so to our intuition. Our inner wisdom, in partnership with the body and the mind, can lead us to the perfect solution. 

Here is a three step magical formula that can help resolve inner conflicts-

 Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

 Accept and Embrace

Accepting that we have an inner conflict unfolding within us can help. It helps to honour both of our conflicting voices. For example, with regards to my inner conflict, I may say- 

Yes, I do not resonate with the new protocol. 
Yes, I do love being a part of this school community. 

Embracing both voices fully and completely helps dissolve the tension energy building up around the inner conflict. When you love and embrace your feelings fully, the choice you finally make will be a conscious empowered choice. 

Give it Time

As you embrace both the conflicting voices, give your body and mind time to absorb this energetic input. Bask in this energy for a few days. Do not make any decision at this time.

Receive the Answer

When your body and mind have received sufficient time to process your input, they will spontaneously reveal the answer to you. You may have a sudden flash of insight and simply know which choice to pick. Or your body may signal a greater sense of peace and comfort towards one of the choices. The body is always spot on in its assessment. 

And you will get your answer!

If picking one of the choices means letting go of something else, that will inevitably turn out to be for your highest good too. Picking the choice that feels right in every way is what matters most.

Love and Peace

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