Tuesday, 11 June 2019

Your Life's Purpose : 2012 and Beyond

Prior to incarnating on Earth, every soul signs an energetic contract under the guidance of its Higher Self and Spiritual Team. This soul contract primarily outlines the following-

1. The Earth family the soul will be part of
2. The karma the soul will clear during its incarnation and the lessons it will learn.
3. The life purpose of the soul, which is like the core theme that underlies a particular incarnation.

In the larger scheme of the cosmos, every soul's life purpose is important. Nothing is more or less. However, in this article, we will only look at life purpose in the context of a lightworker's life.

Healing and service form the core themes of a lightworker's life purpose.

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Lightworker souls choose their life circumstances in accordance with their  purpose of healing and service. The soul may choose a family that will support its life purpose directly or indirectly. Some souls choose to learn primarily through love based experiences by incarnating into happy and nurturing families, while other souls choose to learn through fear based experiences by incarnating into challenging and dysfunctional families.

Similarly, the soul also chooses its education, career, circle of friends, romantic partners, spiritual growth and the like, taking into account the bigger picture of its life purpose (and karma if any).

Generally speaking, after incarnating on Earth, the lightworker soul remains unawakened for some years and lives life as a victim . However, at a specific point in time, the soul awakens and experiences a huge shift in consciousness. Karma is cleared quickly. Lessons are learnt effectively. And the soul gradually lets go of victim based consciousness. The soul embarks on a journey of self-healing.

Over time, the soul evolves from focusing solely on self healing and encompasses planetary healing. It is eager to assist other souls on their journey. Thereafter, its service may expand even further to include universal or intergalactic healing.

The years leading up to 2012 served as a point of awakening for many lightworkers. 

You may have felt a strong sense of  purpose even during the time that you were unawakened. However, you may not have known what exactly those strong feelings indicated. You may have tried to find contentment through different avenues, most of which likely could not fulfil the deeper yearning in you.

That deeper yearning that you've felt all along, maybe right from childhood, is the call to live your divine destiny. It is to fulfil the mission that you agreed to when you signed your soul contract!

If you can relate to this post, you are much more awakened than you probably realise.

If you are living your purpose already, congratulations and keep it up!
However, if you are feeling lost, just know that it is safe for you to trust that deeper yearning within your being. That is the call of your soul. Listen to it. Follow its guidance. Take little steps if you must, but start doing the work that you are here to do. You know what that 'work' is. You do not need anyone to confirm what you already know to be true. The answers are all encoded within you.

Purpose is to lightworkers what food and oxygen are to the physical body. When you live your purpose, your soul literally lights up and glows! May that deeper yearning in you guide you to your Divine destiny. 

Many blessings. 

Please Note-

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  1. Hi Haripriya
    May I know what does it have to do with year 2012?
    Can you give me links regarding that year? Maybe I need a little bit of research there.

    1. Hi Vipul,

      2012 (specifically the date of Dec 21st 2012) acted as a significant turning point for a shift in human consciousness. This is as per Mayan prophecy.

      Many people world over experienced rapid spiritual awakening around this time.

      You may read this article for more insights- http://www.2012-spiritual-growth-prophecies.com/2012-Mayan-prophecies.html

  2. I have read that. Reading about it and such since early that year. That's when my personal life turned upside down. Spiritually, it has been fantastic. Socially, extremely painful. Psychically, extremely hurtful. And in my research, I have linked it to many religions and geopolitics and something I call time travel experiments, as all information seems to fall before me.. regarding future - I see real bad things. However I know they are for greater good, yet suffering on earth will be extreme.
    All these revelations are like killing me within (though I am told I do have kind of divine protection, but why only me).

    I have always believed my destiny is painful yet good. Your blog tells me this too, but if I am a lightworker (I am not sure, I am just bringing bad news; Jeremiah eh?)

  3. Wow wow wow!! I am running short of words to say you thank you, and how amazing this another pillar is, thanks a ton! May God bless you and your family immensely .. I relate to this article very very well

  4. Hello from Lebanon, i love reading your articles on Reiki Rays and this article about the life purpose. Thank you for all the enlightenment you out into this world🙏🏻❤️
    It took me time to know my life purpose, it is only when i became a Reiki peactitioner that i found myself on the right path.
    Keep spreading your light and enlightening us
    All my love❤️