Saturday, 6 July 2019

Angel Guidance on Pharma Medicines

I had an interaction with a healer who happens to be receiving treatment for a medical condition. Her doctor had prescribed painkillers to help her stay comfortable during episodes of intense pain. She seemed very anxious as she revealed this fact to me, almost feeling a sense of shame that she depended on painkillers to relieve her pain.

I was taken by surprise to witness her discomfort and I gently asked her why she felt so uncomfortable sharing this with me. She expressed that her decision to rely on pharmaceutical products was judged by some of her healer friends and that since then she has stopped opening up about it.

I was somewhat saddened to hear this story.

I reassured her that she has the right to choose what works for her. And that choosing to take the prescribed painkiller to help her get through pain is nothing to feel ashamed about.

I contemplated this incident for several days. And then asked the Angels about what the role of medicines really is and about why many of us in the healing community feel a lot of resistance to pharmaceutical products.

And this was the guidance that came through, which I shared immediately on my Facebook Page ‘Angel Light.’

Send blessings to the Pharmaceutical Industry todayπŸ’“ While pharma is not the solution to every problem, medicines often help bring relief from physical pain and serious medical conditions, and free you up to focus on healing the other aspects of your being. Viewing a pill with gratitude shifts the energy associated with it. So, when you pop that pill saying 'Thank You', the positive energy generated from gratitude flows into your own bodyπŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

 Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay

 This message brought me a sense of relief.

While pharma is certainly not the solution to every problem, the fact remains that in some cases it is the most helpful solution. We live on Earth, in a physical body, that happens to need different kinds of assistance at times. And if pharma is what is required at certain times, we do not have to beat ourselves up over it. Consuming a pharma product does not make us any less spiritual or any less of energy healers.

Most chocolates and ice creams are loaded with fat and synthetic ingredients. But when we enjoy dessert, rarely do we cringe, “Oh my goodness! This synthetic food product. Being a natural healer, how can I feed this to my body?” 

We simply relish dessert and forget about it! If we’re depending on dessert all day, every day, it’s a different story. But eating one ice cream to delight our senses, once in a while, does no harm.

Unlike dessert, a pharma product is not prescribed to bring us pleasure. It is prescribed to bring us healing and relief of some sort. So, when we really require the support of a pharma product, shifting our perspective towards it can help.

Instead of looking at a pill and saying-

“Oh my God! This chemical loaded product. Being an energy healer, how can I feed this to my system?”

we can say,

“I am grateful to this scientifically certified healing agent that is designed to 
bring me rapid relief at a time when I really need help. Thank you!”

Can you feel the difference this shift in perspective makes?

As the Angels pointed out in their message, expressing gratitude before popping a pill shifts the energy completely. As Reiki healers, we can also infuse the pill with Reiki before we ingest it. There’s a huge difference between popping a pill in fear versus popping it in gratitude.

At the deepest level, everything including the pharmaceutical pill is energy. Therefore, the positive energy you radiate before taking that pill can infuse it with love and light. And of course, it just might send some healing vibes to the ‘negative charge’ associated with Big Pharma too!

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