Monday, 22 July 2019

BE YOURSELF - Unicorn Guidance

My Dearest Ones,

Greetings from the realm of the Unicorns!

Today, I , Silver Shine, would like to bring your attention to your Divine light and to your human worth. I would also like to highlight the connection that exists between the two.  

In your human experience on Earth, many of you drain your energy trying to impress others or fit into groups. I understand the challenge. Everything seems separate on Earth, everyone seems separate. Boundaries and divisions of all kinds exist between human beings. To your human self, it may seem like you must belong to a group. And there is nothing wrong with being part of a group. It can bring kinship, joy and laughter into your life.

The problem arises when you strive to fit into a group in order to feel loved and accepted. 

It's a fine line, dear ones. And I gently encourage you to be mindful💛

Your beautiful inner light dims when you see another human being as superior to you and believe it's 'cool' to hang out with him or her.

Your energy drops when you try to behave or dress like someone because you think that's a better way to be than who you intrinsically are.

I do not discourage learning constructive new ways to be from others. By all means, imbibe the 'positive' from people around you. It will help you grow and evolve. It will help you shine your own light brighter.

But do be aware that there is a huge difference between 'learning from another and 'being like another'. When you admire something positive in another human being, that soul is merely reflecting your own hidden divinity back to you. That soul is reminding you of your own beauty and light.

Honour every human being for who they are. But do not dim your own light in the process of moulding yourself to be like them.

You are unique, beautiful and worthy, just as you are.
Your worth is not dependent on anything or anyone outside of you.
You are worthy, simply because you are. And so is everyone else.
Your beautiful light must shine as your own, and not be filtered through another's energy.

Image by Maciej Kitlinski from Pixabay

We, in the higher realms, honour your truth and your light.
We honour you for who you are on Earth.

In Divine truth, all beings are equal. However, each of you carries a unique human essence. And this essence is what adds variety to your human world. If everyone simply existed as light, there would be no question of variety being the spice of life!

Your human self was born to be YOU, and not someone else. 

Do not be afraid to be who you are.

Love you, divine souls!

Until next time
Silver Shine

About Silver Shine
A very gentle and high frequency unicorn being brings us this message of love, hope, healing and wisdom.The feel of this being's energy inspired me to name it Silver Shine!  

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this guidance was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 22nd July, 2019.  


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