Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Calling on Angels for Emotional Comfort

There are times when all of us need a strong shoulder to lean on, a gentle hand to wipe our tears and a loving embrace to heal our hearts. 

Very often, our friends and family hold space for us to the best of their ability.

However, at times, we need someone to hold space for us way longer than it is practically possible for a human being. 

The Angels have the ability to do this! They are unconditional beings full of love. Their energy field is large enough to accommodate you, me and millions of others at the same time. Their heart has an abundance of love to share with you, with me and with millions of others all at once. They are LOVE personified.  

When you need additional support to get through hard times, you can consider calling on the Angels and asking for their help. 

Maybe you've been angry much too long. Maybe resentment is hurting your heart. Maybe you feel helpless. Frustrated? Sad? Jealous?

Whatever negative emotion you may be feeling is perfectly fine. If you feel  consumed by an emotion, you may call on the Angels to help you move through it. 

 Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

For instance, if you are feeling sad about an upsetting incident that happened in your life, you may say, 

"My Dear Angels, 

I am feeling so hurt by what has happened. My heart is full of pain and resentment right now. I am feeling let down. I am so consumed by my pain that I am unable to see the light in the darkness. Could you hold space for me until I regain my strength? Could you help me process and move through this pain with ease? Could you help me learn the soul lessons this situation may be presenting to me? Could you help me find the light once more?

Thank you! 

You may communicate aloud or you may write it down. 

Once done, know and trust that the Angels will hold space for you. Relax and give yourself the permission to move through the pain at your own pace. Journal any insights you may receive at this time. Maybe you feel a sudden release. Maybe you feel guided to work with a particular therapist. Maybe you feel inspired to write or paint as part of the healing process. Maybe you feel guided to feel your emotions fully. 

It is important to trust those inner nudges, for this is how the Angels communicate back with us and assist us with healing! Their guidance is always empowering and kind.

 Allow the Angels to love you and to hold space for you as you navigate the ups and downs of human life 💓💓💓


  1. "There are times when all of us need a strong shoulder to lean on, a gentle hand to wipe our tears and a loving embrace to heal our hearts"
    Completely true comment - thanks
    Simply buzzes