Thursday, 25 July 2019

EXPRESS YOUR GIFTS- Message from the Pleaides

Dear Ones,

You are born with innumerable gifts and talents ; gifts that can bring blessings to the people around you and to the planet.

Do you recognise them?

Expressing your gifts is part of your life's purpose on Earth. You may choose to express them in a small way or in a big way. But do express them, sweet souls.

You are so worthy of living your passions, expressing your talents and sharing your gifts with the world.

Take a moment to acknowledge your gifts and give thanks for them.

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

You will now allow yourself to remember three gifts/talents of yours and feel yourself sharing or expressing these gifts in the world.

Bring your awareness to your Gift/Talent #1 - Take a deep breath in and feel your energy flowing into this gift or talent. Feel yourself expressing it in the world. Feel the blessings that may radiate into the world as you express your gift. Take your time and FEEL this energy deeply.

Repeat the same for Gift/Talent #2.

Repeat the same for Gift/Talent #3.

How did this simple act of honouring your gifts feel? Over the course of your lifetime. you may have lost touch with your innate potential. But it may help you to know that your potential has never left you. It has always been there, though it may have been hidden from your daily awareness.

Set an intention to express your gifts and talents for the greater good of all on Earth and the perfect opportunities shall be drawn to you. 

We, the Pleaidians, give you the gift of these light language codes to help you awaken, honour and express you unique gifts and talents in the world. You so deserve it, beautiful ones. 

Masya Swecha
Kiya Suvecha
Riya Tenecha
Shikaya Precha

Here is the linguistic essence of these codes-

"I honour all of my passions, callings and talents. I now call forth the highest possible environments in the outer world that will help nurture my talents. I give myself the permission to live at my highest potential. I allow myself to add value to the world through each of my gifts and talents. And so it is." 

We love you, divine souls.

Until next time
Your Star Family from the Pleiades

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 24th July, 2019.

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