Saturday, 13 July 2019

Preparing for the Full Moon

It's that time of the month again when the beautiful full moon illuminates the dark skies. The next full moon falls on the 16th of July, 2019.

For many of us, the full moon energy also illuminates the darkness within. It sheds light on discordant energy patterns stored in our consciousness. It gives us a great opportunity to transmute and transcend these energies. 

Energy healing is a gradual process and usually happens in layers. As we heal one layer, the next layer shows up. It is OK for us to go slow and to take things one step at a time. Every month we can work in partnership with the full moon energy to release and heal one or more layers of discord from our energy field.

 Image by Gerhard Gellinger from Pixabay

Since the full moon energy begins to work a few days prior to the actual night of the full moon , it helps to align ourselves with this energy beforehand.

The following three tips can help you prepare for the upcoming full moon.

Energy Protection 

If you are highly sensitive to energy, practising some form of energy protection every morning can help. Since the full moon illuminates unhealed areas of our lives, it's easy to feel triggered way beyond normal at this time. Energy protection acts as a buffer and reduces the potential impact of external triggers.  

Self Care

The full moon energy can bring on feelings of inertia. If you happen to feel sluggish at this time, slow down as much as you can and try to take things easy. An excess of sluggish energy can be draining too. So, ensure you balance periods of rest with some form of movement or exercise. 

Eat nourishing foods and keep yourself well hydrated. Make time for rest and reflection. Pay attention to your body's signals and act accordingly. 

Mindful and Conscious Healing

Be very attentive to what shows up in your human interactions at this time.  

Does a dear one say something that triggers your fury? 

Do someone's words or actions drive you up the wall? 

Triggers from others (especially those closest to us) hold the biggest clues as to what is unhealed within us. Being aware of these triggers makes life so much easier. The minute you recognise that you've been triggered, take a deep breath and excuse yourself from the situation. Retreat and reflect on what just happened. Journal your thoughts. Hold space for your emotions. Allow yourself to receive insights on how to heal this pattern. 

Journaling is healing in itself and has the potential to clear up negative charge. You may also clear these energies in other ways such as using the Violet Flame, asking your Spiritual Team for help, EFT, Hooponopono, meditation, talking to a trusted friend etc. Do whatever works for you. 

And once done, remember to congratulate yourself for a job well done! 

Taking these simple measures can help you sail though the full moon with grace and ease and to work alongside the moon's energy to do what you are meant to do at this time, which is RELEASE, CLEAR and HEAL.

Sending you many blessings💛💛💛


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