Monday, 8 July 2019

Seven Signs of being a Starseed

A starseed is a soul that has experienced existence in many star systems and higher dimensions across the cosmos. Such a soul incarnates with the specific intention of imprinting higher dimensional frequencies from the stars here on Earth.

Upon hearing about the concept of starseeds, many souls begin to wonder if they could be one. From a higher perspective, everyone is a starseed because we have all originated from stardust. However, in the context of healing, a starseed is a soul that is meant to awaken to its multidimensional nature in this lifetime; a soul that is meant to bring in various star energies to Earth.  

If you have ever wondered if you could be a Starseed, read on to learn about some common signs that may help you discover if you are indeed one!

Starseed - The Word

You felt joy, curiosity or excitement when you first came across the word 'Starseed,' We are usually attracted to something when the energetic essence of it lies within us already.

Fascination for Stars, Planets, Astronomy 

You've fantasised space travel and wished it could be a real possibility. You are fascinated with stars, planets, galaxies and astronomy in general. Maybe you harboured a strong desire to be an astronaut when you were a child!

 Image by O12 from Pixabay

Love for Science Fiction

You feel elated and maybe even emotional when you watch science fiction movies that are based on outer space and extra-terrestrial life. These movies evoke within you a sense of familiarity and comfort that appear unfathomable when viewed from a logical perspective.

Feeling Different

You often experience feelings of being different from most people in your circle. Not different in an egoistic way but harbouring very different likes, preferences and choice of topics to talk about. Maybe some people have even told you that they find you to be very different. You feel like the 'odd one out' more often than your human self may personally like to.

Strong Sense of Purpose

You've always felt like there's something specific that you need to be doing in the world. Maybe you've felt this from a very young age. You are highly individualistic and prefer to listen to the inner callings of your heart. You do not like to follow the crowd or to do something only because someone tells you to. You feel at peace only when you are able to follow your own calling.

Desire to Make a Difference

You harbour the desire to do work that can make a difference in the lives of others. You aspire to connect through the heart and to take up projects that have the potential to touch the souls of people.

Inner Voice 

You know deep within that you are a multidimensional being who is meant to awaken in this lifetime. You just know it. You resonate with this truth from deep within. This is the most significant sign of all! Your inner voice knows the answer.

Sending you love!



  1. Ok I just realised I'm a starseed..thank u so I knw wats right with me..blessings to u..

  2. Thank you for sharing! Love and blessings to you ❤️