Monday, 29 July 2019

Switch Channels with the Angels

Do little things bother you everyday? 

Does endless analysis of problems tire your mind?

Do interpersonal conflicts take up your precious time and drain your energy? 

Very often, if we are not conscious, trivial issues turn from molehills into mountains and hold the potential to ruin an entire day.We will of course need to work on issues that come up in our day to day lives but we have the power to do so with minimal energy loss.

A wise teacher once told me to pay attention to human annoyances for a few minutes each day and to then let them go until the next day; to not give more energy than required to draining thoughts and situations. Suppressing our negative emotions does not help but neither does being consumed by them for extended periods of time. Finding a middle path can be helpful.

Navigating different levels of consciousness in day to day life can be likened to switching television channels with a remote control. The channel here is symbolic of our state of consciousness.  

 Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

When you feel super annoyed, recognise that you're tuned in to one channel. Give yourself a few minutes to watch it. During this time, fret and complain all you want!

After a few minutes, switch to a new channel consciously and the old one will be gone..BOOM! You snap out of the energy draining zone and bounce back to centre. 

Remember that you do not visit the old channel again on that particular day. You may visit it the next day if required.

I have found that visualising a remote control while doing this exercise can help. And calling in the Angels to help us take the necessary action can help too! 

Simply state, 

"Dear Angels, Please hand me a divine remote control that can help me switch channels within my consciousness. I also request you to be by my side and to shine your Divine light on me, so my human self feels supported and encouraged to do this work. Thank you!"   

And you're all set!


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