Thursday, 22 August 2019

PEACEFUL EARTH - Transmission from Lyra

Dearest Ones,

Greetings from the star system of Lyra!

We are so delighted to be connecting with you today! We have waited eons for this communication to take place. The conditions on Earth are now perfect for us to communicate with you.

You, dear ones, have experienced the best and worst of duality on Earth. You have seen and lived the highs and lows that Earthly life offers. You agreed to play the game of duality in order to really get a feel of the pain and suffering here. We are so grateful for the service that you have offered this far to assist with Intergalactic Harmony.

Duality on Gaia plays out on the following levels - individual, familial, societal, cultural, religious and global.

Gaia has witnessed the darkness at its worst- wars, violence, bloodshed, racism, religious intolerance and control, corruption of all forms, abuse of people and the environment and a whole lot more.This collective darkness has cast a huge shadow over Gaia and stripped her of her purity and beauty. 

But now, dear ones, it is time for the light to shine again. The last few decades have allowed for a gradual infiltration of light into the planet. But Gaia is now ready for a greater degree of light to to envelop and heal her battered body, mind and Spirit. And you, dear ones, are the bearers of light on Gaia!

You yourself were trapped in the darkness of human drama for one or many lifetimes. But you are now awakening to the truth of who you really are.

This lifetime is a very special one for you, our dearest souls. Your soul has waited long for this moment in time. And it is here finally!

Do you feel ready for your mission, brave ones?

"How do we shine our light?," we see you wonder. 

You shine by first working on your own darkness and healing the aspects of you that have grown disempowered.

You shine by embracing love whenever possible. We know this is hard to do. But begin to do it to the extent possible for you, dear ones.

You shine your light by viewing those who are currently trapped in darkness with compassion, knowing that you were once there too.

You shine by dropping judgement, knowing that everyone is doing the best they can, even when that best appears to be the worst.

You shine by recognising the fact that underneath the garb of innumerable division, humanity is just one species.  It does not matter what religion, country, caste, race, group or society one belongs to. At the end of the day, he or she is also another human being like you.

You shine not by preaching to anyone but by just embodying love, peace and unity consciousness.

You shine by being the example, by walking the talk.

Sweet ones, we know this is not easy. What we ask of you requires a huge leap of faith and may bring up some hard questions in your mind. But we say to you that it does not matter what is happening in the world around you. All that matters is that you shine your light.

You are there to seed the Earth with light, dear Starseeds.

That is all you ever need to do, dearest ones.

Rebera Maarti

Chant this light language code in order to draw the strength of your Lyran gifts into your consciousness. Lyra is a high vibrational dimension of existence and offers the purest of frequencies. When you say or meditate on the these codes, you will draw the Lyran frequencies in through your body and seed them on Earth. 

You may also send these light language codes to any group, place or situation on Earth that you feel is engulfed in darkness. 

May the chants of Rebera Maarti seed the Earth. 

We would like to end this transmission by thanking you, dear Starseeds and Lightworkers, for acting as channels of light on beloved Gaia. We are ever so grateful to you.

We love you. 

Until Next Time
Your Star Family from Lyra

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this transmission was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 21st August, 2019.

Tuesday, 20 August 2019

TRUST - Archangel Michael Speaks

Dear Ones,

Life on Earth seems frightening to many of you. You appear to be trapped in a physical body and there seem to be innumerable physical, mental and emotional dangers surrounding you. 

I see the worry, anxiety and fear you experience as you live your life on the physical plane. 

Many of you have a hard time trusting in the flow of life.

Deep rooted traumas from your current lifetime and also from some of your previous lifetimes have shaken you up to an extent where the word 'trust' appears meaningless to you.

"How can I trust?" you have asked, "I have experienced such misery and trauma in my physical incarnations. I know the level of suffering that is possible on Earth. Of what benefit is trusting? I do not have any energy left to trust."

And I say to you-

Trust for the sake of trusting. Trust because it is the higher vibrational way to live. You once trusted with all your heart, dear one. And do you think all the trauma you experienced was the result of you trusting in the flow of life? Certainly not!

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Every trauma you experienced was agreed to by you on the soul level. It had a lesson to teach you. Look back at some of the challenging situations you have experienced in your current incarnation. In hindsight, how do you feel about them? Are you able to view them from a higher perspective? Are you able to appreciate the wisdom you gained through some of your greatest challenges?

I repeat-

Your past challenges, dear ones, came your way only because you agreed to them on a soul level. Check in with your heart and see if this rings true or not.

You are now awakening to a higher level of consciousness. You are now awakening to a reality where you do not need frequent challenges and traumas to teach you soul lessons. You are now adopting a more empowered state of existence, where you realise and acknowledge that you co-create your life in partnership with your Higher Self.

You co-created your life even in your past, but it was most often done unconsciously. Now you have a more expanded awareness and therefore the power to co-create your life more consciously. 

You have the ability to choose your thoughts, your words and your actions in a way that is more aligned with your higher level of consciousness.

You may have heard the saying, "God never gives you more than you can handle."

I would like to tell you that there is great truth and wisdom in this saying dear ones.

Your Higher Self knows best about what is good for you. Your Higher Self knows the lessons you need to learn for your growth and evolution. Can you trust that life will bring you only such opportunities that favour your soul growth and learning?

Some of these experiences may seem joyful and positive, while others may seem challenging on the surface. But dig deeper and you will find a pot of gold underneath the challenges, dear ones. Let the difficulties of life not prevent you from trusting.

I encourage you to tap into your Divine qualities of innocence and trust, sweet ones!

Trust in life is like a nectar. When you develop a taste for this nectar, you tune in to an infinite source of strength, empowerment and wisdom.

Know that in this very moment, everything is happening for your highest and greatest good. Take responsibility for your life. Trust in the flow of life. This is the doorway to your true power, my brave ones.

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 19th August, 2019. 

Monday, 19 August 2019

Quick Energy Body Scan

In order to live at our best, maintaining a fine balance between the physical and energy bodies is crucial. 

If you eat nourishing food, exercise your body and sleep well, you are doing a fairly good job of taking care of your physical body. 

But how is your energy body doing? The energy body is a lot more subtle than the physical body. Yet we can assess its health in different ways.  

Connecting with the energy body is a must for all lightworkers. A quick energy scan done every morning or evening to check on the energy body can be very helpful. It can help you gain insights on the areas of life you need to work on.

Your awareness is all that is required to do this scan! You need just five to seven minutes to do this work.  

In this exercise, you will bring your awareness to each of the seven chakras, one by one. You may start at the crown chakra and go all the way down to the root or vice versa. If the energy feels blocked at a certain chakra, you will take a deep breath in and request your Higher Self to send some white light into that chakra. You may also ask your Higher Self for help and guidance with healing the block in other ways.  

Image by LillyCantabile from Pixabay

Energy Body Scan

1. Sit in a comfortable position and watch your breath. Keep your awareness on the natural rhythm of your breathing until you find that your body and mind are relaxed and fairly still.

2. Bring your awareness to your crown chakra and scan it. Does the chakra feel open and vibrant? Do you feel connected to Source, to your Divinity?If you sense any stuck energy, request your Higher Self to send some white light into your crown.

3. Bring your awareness to your third eye. Does the chakra feel clear and balanced?Are you able to connect easily with higher dimensions? Are you tapped in to your intuition? What do you feel about manifestation?If you sense any imbalance, you know what to do.

4. Bring your awareness to your throat. How does the energy feel in there? Is there ease? Do you feel any constriction? How do you feel about speaking your truth? How do you feel when you show your authentic self to the world? 

5. Bring your awareness to your heart. How is your beautiful heart doing? Is it full of love and joy? Is any emotional pain stored in there? Resentment? Guilt?

6. Bring your awareness to your solar plexus. How does the energy feel in your gut? Is there any tightness? Any anger? Do you sense any need to control people and situations? How do you feel about yourself?

7. Bring your awareness to your sacral chakra. How is your creative centre doing? Do you feel open to experiencing pleasure? Does your creativity feel free flowing? Do you feel connected to your sexuality?

8. Bring your awareness to your root chakra. How does the base of your chakra system feel? Do you feel connected to the Earth? Are you well grounded? Do you feel supported by life? 

This quick scan can help you become aware of what's happening within you. It can help you take the necessary action to maintain balance and harmony in your life. 

Sending you love!

Thursday, 15 August 2019

GOLDEN ATLANTIS : Unicorn Guidance for the Full Moon

Dear Ones,

This full moon, we the Unicorn Beings, would like to bring your attention to the energies of Atlantis and to your connection with this era. We refer in particular to the time period when Atlantis thrived as a 'Golden Civilization.'

This was a period of great love, immense light, bounty and abundance. peace and harmony, knowledge and wisdom, bliss and joy. The vibration was naturally high and lit up not just the land, but also the hearts and minds of the souls incarnated there.  

The civilization was near perfect in every way, almost like a dream, when seen through the lens of who you are in your current incarnation. 

"This 'Golden Era' sounds too good to be true!" your mind may point out. 

But we urge you to enter the soft space of your heart and to see how you feel in there when you connect to the 'The Golden Era on Atlantis.'

 Image by Karen Arnold from Pixabay

If the Golden Era rings true to you, can you trust that your soul has lived to experience this beauty? You may have incarnated into a different body back then. But your soul retains the essence of your incarnation. Your energy field carries the golden frequencies that lit up Golden Atlantis.

These golden frequencies will help you and also help the world in the current time, beloved ones. You play the role of a way shower into the Golden Era, that we intend to create on Gaia in the current time period. And the latent 'Golden Frequencies' you carry in your energy field shall assist you with this task.

The dense and dark energies floating around on the planet can hide your Golden Frequencies so well that you may be convinced they don't exist. But we assure you beloved ones, that they do. You can feel this truth in your heart. 

This Full Moon, we bring to you a gentle cleansing meditation to help you reconnect with the Golden Frequencies in you. 

Golden Frequency of Atlantis Meditation

Ensure you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. 

Light a candle in your healing room/any other suitable space (optional).

Close your eyes and bring your attention to the top of your head. Visualise the light of your I AM Presence (Higher Self) over your crown. See this light coming down and forming a pillar of pure white light as energetic protection around your body and energy field. Stay in this column for a couple of minutes.

1. Take a deep breath in. Place your hands crossed over your heart and request your Higher Self to take you back in time to the Golden Era of Atlantis. 

2. Relax and trust the impressions you receive. Notice what you see. Notice what you hear. And most importantly, notice what you FEEL. Your feeling is your strongest point of connection.

3. As you soak in this connection, visualise or feel golden droplets of rain gently washing over you. As this golden rain washes over you, it gently cleanses all traces of drama, negativity, divide, hatred, unhealthy competition, fear of your inner power, fear of speaking your truth, fear of shining your light, limiting beliefs of varied kinds and other lower vibrational energies lodged in your aura. You will let go of them to the extent that feels comfortable to you.

4. As these lower energies dissolve, you make space for the Golden Frequencies to emerge in your consciousness. Allow yourself to receive and reconnect with these divine frequencies. See or feel them.Absorb them. 

5. When it feels complete, express your gratitude for this gift. Bring your awareness back to your body. Begin to move your body gently. Drink some water if need be.

You are well acquainted with the Golden Frequencies, dear ones. They are not new to you. It's only a matter of remembering and reconnecting with them NOW. 

This Full Moon, we urge you to gently let go of dense old frequencies and to reconnect with your Golden Frequencies from Golden Atlantis. We urge you to anchor this golden light into your body, mind and Spirit. We also ask that you  send some of this Golden Light into the core of the Earth. 

Breathe golden and live golden, dear ones, for you shall create the 'Golden Era on Gaia.' 

Stand in your golden power, shine your golden light!

Sending you love and blessings.

Until Next Time
The Unicorn Beings 

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this full moon guidance was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 13th August, 2019.


Wednesday, 14 August 2019

Full Moon Hooponopono Healing

The full moon is around the corner. The time for healing and release is here again!

Hooponopono is a great tool that can be used to release and heal outdated patterns, difficult emotions and lower vibrational energies.

The practice of Hooponopono includes a short prayer which goes like this- 

I am sorry
Please forgive me 
I love you
Thank you

This prayer has a cleansing effect on the auric field and soul memory. Since the full moon supports release work, Hooponopono can be a wonderful tool to use at this time.Try it to experience it!

On the eve of this Full Moon, make note of one to three issues you would like to release. Write them down.

 Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Bring your awareness to one issue at a time and recite the Hooponopono prayer. You may recite it 108 times for an issue or until you feel a shift in your energy/mental state/emotional state. You do not have strain to release chunks of negativity all at once. Just release as much as feels comfortable to you.

Once done, place your hand on your heart and express gratitude for the healing that happened.

Drink some water, relax and enjoy your day!


You can read more about Hooponopono in this article-

Monday, 12 August 2019

Archangel Raphael's Healing Light

Archangel Raphael is fondly viewed as a 'Cosmic Healer'. He brings us the gift of emerald green light. This light acts as a soft cleansing and healing agent. It can be invoked for gentle healing and stress relief. 

The meditation described below calls on the light of Archangel Raphael. It can be done at the end of a long tiring day. It can also be done when you are unwell and low in energy. 

 Emerald Green Light Meditation

1.Ensure you will not be disturbed for a few minutes. 

2.Light a candle in your healing room/any other suitable space. 

3. Close your eyes and bring your attention to the top of your head. Visualise the light of your I AM Presence (Higher Self) over your crown. See this light coming down and forming a pillar of pure white light as energetic protection around your body and energy field. Stay in this column for a couple of minutes. 

4. Call upon Archangel Raphael. You may say, "Dear Archangel Raphael, I request your presence by my side now. I ask for you to share your beautiful healing emerald green light with me. I am so grateful for this gift from you. Thank you!" 

 Image by Arcturian from Pixabay

5. Now simply relax and allow yourself to receive the light. See the light gently infiltrating your aura and forming a spiral of energy around you. There is nothing you need to do, except relax and receive. 

6. When you feel complete, express your gratitude to your I AM Presence, to Archangel Raphael and to your own self for choosing to do this work. 

9. Bring your awareness back gently. Move your body and ground yourself. Drink some water if need be.