Wednesday, 7 August 2019

Four Tips for Sensitive Lightworkers

There are times when darkness grips the world around us. Certain happenings cause groups of people, families, cultures, countries, religious groups, spiritual groups and all sorts of  other groups and organisations to become consumed by dense negative energy. During such times, drama thrives, hate reigns, rage rules and chaos prevails. With the advent of social media. it is even easier for negativity to spread like wildfire.

Energy sensitive lightworkers often feel drained and exhausted when exposed to the energy generated by 'negative wildfires.' 

If you ever find yourself overwhelmed by dark energies floating in the world outside, remember that you do not have to walk the path alone. There is help available in every moment.

 Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

The following tips may help you find balance and ease in moments of darkness-

1. If you feel like crying, do cry and let the energy out. It's perfectly alright. Feeling the need to cry, means that you are a gentle and sensitive soul. This is not a drawback but a gift. The world needs more gentle and sensitive people like you.

2. Light a white candle and sit before it, looking into its flame. Connecting with the light in this concrete manner can help your nerves calm down and bring your energy back to centre.

3. Recite Violet Flame decrees to clear your energy. Read the book "Violet Flame" by Elizabeth Clare Prophet to learn these decrees.

4. Request the Angels to surround you and to bring you healing and comfort. Also, request them to surround the people, place or situation that you feel is radiating negativity. You may also request them to surround the whole of Planet Earth and to simply radiate their light wherever required.

It is not easy being a lightworker in a world that is constantly gripped by darkness. However, it is important to remind yourself of why you are here and to simply shine your light through all of it!

Sending you so much of love

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