Thursday, 8 August 2019

The Beauty of Integrative Medicine

As a child, I was fascinated with the medical clinic and with the colourful potions my doctor stored in huge glass containers. In those days, patients in India were required to carry their own bottles which the doctor's attendant would then fill up as per his prescription. The potions tasted somewhat bitter but they definitely helped me feel better! And my physician was patient and kind. So, unless there was a need for me to receive painful shots, I was quite happy to visit the doctor whenever my body fell sick. 

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However, as I grew into an adult, I realised that it was not just my body that fell sick but that my mind and emotions could fall sick too. And I also realised that pills and potions could not help me in every way. The challenges of adulthood got me to explore different ways in which I could help myself mentally and emotionally.

At this juncture, energy healing in the form of Reiki came into my life and opened up a whole new world for me to experience - a world that was subtle and peaceful yet rich and vibrant. Reiki practice helped me establish a deeper connect with my mind, body, emotions and soul as a whole.

As I journeyed deep into the world of energy healing, I also developed a belief that energy healing was the only reality and that I could conquer the world with it. I found that a lot of my healer friends also had the same belief and all of us presumed that we had evolved into something much greater than bodies that needed medicine. As my egoistic belief grew bigger, chaos reigned in my life and Reiki simply disappeared from the scene. In hindsight, I realised that Reiki had been cruel to me to be kind. The disappearance of Reiki forced me to look at the bigger picture and to embrace balance in every facet of life.

Around the same time, I received another knock as I developed a life threatening pregnancy induced medical condition. I lost my baby to this but modern medicine managed to saved my life. This was an eye opener for me. As I lay in hospital, knowing I was out of danger, I reconnected with my childhood days when I appreciated my doctor and the colourful potions he prescribed to help me feel better. I also recollected the innocence with which this healing was embraced and received. In contrast, as an adult, I had developed an ego that believed I would not need medical assistance ever again. That is until I landed in a situation that forced me to receive the help of modern medicine. 

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As grateful as I was for the doctors and for the life saving care they offered to me, I found I was a mental and emotional wreck through all of it. No one in that particular hospital (except for one kind nurse who stayed for a brief while) was able to address my mental and emotional needs. I had to help myself through physical, mental and emotional trauma, alongside pondering the spiritual question of why I might have created this experience for myself.

Prolonged spiritual contemplation, leading from the year 2012 up until 2017, helped me develop the understanding that-

  • Healing is complete when every need of a person (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) is worked on. 
  • Different therapies have the potential to address different needs. It is not about one therapy being better or worse than the other. And it is certainly not about Modern Medicine vs Energy/Alternative Healing.

A medical doctor can be kind by nature but may not always have the time or the necessary skills to address the emotional needs of every patient. An energy healer may not be able to perform a life saving procedure but may hold space for a patient to work on her emotions and connect with her hurting spirit. So on and so forth with different kinds of healers and healing modalities.

Healing is about recognising that we are multifaceted beings and that different approaches are needed to address different facets of us. It is about seeing the good that every system of healing offers and embracing all of them in balance.

This deeper understanding birthed the vision of Integrative Healing within my consciousness.The first step towards this vision manifested when I was divinely guided by Archangel Gabriel to partner with my medico spouse Suraj to write a book that highlights the essence of Integrative Medicine. This book is called "When Spirit Meets Science- Empowered Healing for the New Age."

The Integrative Medicine Model is largely supported and guided by the Archangels Michael, Raphael and Gabriel and I do as guided to by them. The idea is to plant seeds for a new and empowered model of medicine on Earth, where different branches and systems work together harmoniously, treating a patient as one whole person. It is to create a model where different systems acknowledge the strengths of one another and formulate integrated treatment plans for each patient, keeping in mind their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

I have been guided to partner up with more people on Earth to ground this vision. Some dear friends in the energy healing community (a special word of acknowledgement for Reiki Master Teacher Justine Melton) and a few healing communities that are looking at expanding into Integrative Healing are my source of strength and partnership at the moment.

I hope this piece of writing inspires you to contemplate the essence of Integrative Healing and to see what role this could play in your own life. I also hope that this article inspires you to receive whole heartedly from different healing systems and to rise stronger and more empowered through all of it!

Love and Light!

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