Monday, 26 August 2019

When Reiki Comes Calling

Have you ever felt like Reiki runs in your genes?
Much like your physical characteristics or your temperament?

Many of us in the Reiki community live Reiki and breathe Reiki. Over time, Reiki ceases to be something outside of us and becomes a way of life. We cannot imagine a life devoid of Reiki. We almost begin to feel like we carry this energy in our DNA.

Could it be that the Reiki connection lies latent within us, much like a seed?
And sprouts at the perfect moment in life?

I believe that Reiki usually comes looking for those who are meant to find it in their lifetime. When the time is right, the desire to connect with Reiki is felt as an inner calling. This is how many people land on the Reiki path, myself included.

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

My introduction to Reiki in this lifetime happened when I was a child. During play dates at a friend's home, I often noticed my friend's mother standing near her plants with her palms over them. I was intrigued by what I saw and asked my friend about what was going on. She explained that her mother was giving energy to the plants and that this practice was called Reiki. As a child, I had no means to explore or understand Reiki further. However, what I witnessed left a deep impact on my psyche.

I forgot all about Reiki until I grew into an adult and began to face challenging life situations. In the midst of an emotional crisis in my early twenties, the seed that had been planted long ago began to sprout. Reiki suddenly came bursting forth into my awareness. And I felt a deep and almost urgent need to connect with this beautiful energy.

Little seed full of might,
Sprout you must when the time is right. 

This little poem is taken from the book, "When Spirit Meets Science- Empowered Healing for the New Age" authored by me along with my husband Suraj Manjunath. In the poem, the seed referred to is Reiki and the poem describes the time when one feels ripe and ready to connect with Reiki. 

If you resonate with this writing, you almost certainly have the Reiki seed within you!
When you tell people you are a Reiki healer or teacher, you may have noticed that some of them tell you that they've been thinking of exploring Reiki too. There's a good chance these people have the Reiki seed planted in them. As a Reiki healer or teacher, you have the ability to inspire and help people who feel ready to connect with their inner calling,

All of us in the Reiki community have been blessed with the Reiki seed. How much we allow the seed to sprout is another matter. Some souls choose to have a brief sojourn in Reiki Land, while to others Reiki becomes a journey of a lifetime. Just as a well nourished seed promises a greater possibility of fruit, regular Reiki practice also promises us the potential to create a rich and soulful life. 

Reiki is a beautiful gift indeed. May the light of Reiki bring many blessings into your life!

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