Wednesday, 25 September 2019

Connecting with your Star Family of Light

Starseeds are souls who have their origins in other star systems and energetic dimensions. They are here on Earth at this time to help seed the planetary consciousness with higher frequencies. They bring these energies from other evolved star systems and dimensions that their soul has been a part of.

Starseeds are scattered all over the planet and many are part of the Reiki community too!

If you are a starseed, you probably harbor an immense fascination for the stars and galaxies. Maybe you feel deeply connected and peaceful when you look up at the night sky. Topics such as astronomy, space travel, and extra-terrestrials delight you. However, the most telling sign is that you feel and know this truth about your starry origins deep within your body. You feel and know this in your consciousness. There is no way you can justify this feeling or explain it logically. You know that if you talk about this openly, many people in your life would label you crazy! You understand where they come from. Yet you cannot help but feel this truth in your bones.

Being a starseed does not mean we need to inform everyone about it or that we need to seek their approval and understanding. We just have to get comfortable with the idea ourselves. What we most need is our own acceptance and understanding.

When we get comfortable with this aspect of us, a whole new world opens up for us. We feel perfect being who we are and are thereby more aligned with our mission here on this planet. We also begin to enjoy our time here on Earth, treating it as a holiday or spiritual retreat. And when we feel lost on our path, we are confident that we will receive all the support we need from our Star Family back home. We feel no hesitation in reaching out to them for assistance.

There was a time when I felt awkward accepting the fact that I love the stars and that I resonate strongly with being a starseed soul. But now, I have shed all inhibitions and have grown to love this aspect of me. I love connecting with my Star Family. And this connection brings me immense strength and love whenever I find myself feeling unsupported or sucked into human drama. The value of this connection is too sacred to describe in words. It can only be experienced.

If you resonate with all of this and would like to connect with your own Star Family, this short meditation may help you get started. If you are a seasoned Reiki practitioner, you may even do this meditation while you practice Reiki. I often connect with my Star Family when I practice Reiki self-healing.

 Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


Meditation to connect with your Star Family

  • Light a candle in your healing space.
  • Put on some soothing music.
  • Connect with your God Self known as the I AM Presence or simply imagine a ball of golden-white light over your Crown chakra. This represents your Highest Divine Self.
  • Imagine a shower or pillar of pure white light coming down from your Divine Self and forming a protective shield around you. This is a technique I have learnt from the work of spiritual teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet and I find it highly effective. You may also use any other protection technique that you resonate with.
  • Now set the intention to connect with your Star Family. The more relaxed you are, the easier it will be to connect. So take all the time you need to relax. Focus on your breath until you feel deeply relaxed or simply do a full body Reiki healing. As you relax, strengthen your intention to connect with your Star Family and trust that it will happen.
  • When you feel completely relaxed and connected, begin to communicate with your Star Family. Share your thoughts and feelings. Ask for support and assistance with your mission. Share your love. You may communicate with them telepathically or speak aloud.
  • When you finish sharing, just relax and notice the impressions that are sent back to you. You may receive messages, insights, energetic downloads or something completely unique to you. Trust your experience and soak it all in!
  • Once done, thank your Star Family for their time, love and support. Give them an energy hug if you feel like.
  • Bring your awareness back to Earth. Know that you can always connect with your Star Family whenever you wish to.
  • Put your feet on the Earth. Make sure you are well grounded.
  • Make note of how you feel towards the end of the experience.
  • And as you go about your life, remember to apply the valuable insights and guidance you received from your beloved Star Family. Remember their love for you when you feel lost. Enjoy your mission here.
Sending you love and starlight!

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