Friday, 6 September 2019

NEW EARTH SCHOOLS - Message from Sirius

Dear Starseeds,

Your role on Earth is to imprint new frequencies, new thought forms, new ideas. Your role is to be a creator of new paradigms. Your role is to help create the New Earth.

It is for you to do everything in your power to live the new. When you embody the new, it automatically spills over and reaches everyone who is ready for the same. 

Today we would like to talk to you about bringing in the new with regard to formal education.

The Earth is a vibrant, alive and beautiful form of creation. For a soul in physical embodiment, learning must be a joyful process. It must foster a sense of wonder and stimulate the intellect in positive ways. It must go way beyond mechanical learning, competition and exams. These elements certainly have their place but if they become the whole and soul of education, the soul of the learner does not receive complete nourishment. The soul is literally starved.

A child who goes to school to learn must look forward to the experience. Schools must transform into 'Temples of Learning' that assist the overall development of children- physical, mental, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.

 Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The school of the New Earth shall address the unique learning capabilities of every child and honour the expression of intelligence in all its forms. Intelligence shall not be assessed with regard to math and science alone but shall include literature, sport, theatre, music, dance, art, linguistics and every other conceivable form of expression.

We have seen many of you struggle through your own schooling years as children. You have wondered why learning was such an arduous process, when it could be so much fun instead. Some of you rebelled, some of you gave up, some of you cursed the system,some of you felt deep disappointment. 

But don't give up hope, dear ones.

You were meant to experience those heavy feelings because you have been encoded with frequencies that will help create a new model of education on Earth. You were of course not conscious of this as a student and may have wondered why you struggled to fit into the system. Now it will all make sense to you. Isn't it so, dear ones?

Your lack of resonance with the old has provided you with the necessary fuel to bring in the new. And that time has arrived, beloved ones.

Now that you are awake and conscious, your role is not to curse the old any more. You shall honour the old ways of schooling for the role they played in the past. They have helped people to the best they could. As a lightworker, you shall acknowledge their positive contribution, while being aware of their limitations. You shall take the positive aspects of old school learning and and integrate it with the new. And this shall give birth to a whole new empowered model of education.

We are joyful to see many educational institutions on Earth adopting a more holistic approach to teaching and learning. Dearest ones, we urge those of you connected to the education sector to be the messengers of positive change. We urge those of you who have children to consider giving them an opportunity to experience joyful learning. Maybe you wish to enrol your own children into schools that are striving to be New Earth Schools. Or you create such a learning environment for them at home.

The New Children shall pave the way for this new model of education to expand and light up the Earth in due course. Your role is to lay a strong foundation and support these children! As you do so, you will also receive an opportunity to relive your childhood once again, dearest ones.

We are ever so grateful to you for everything you do!

We love you

Until Next Time
Your Star Family from Sirius

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 31st August, 2019. 

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