Friday, 27 September 2019

Reiki Master Symbol = Divine Grace

The Reiki Master symbol carries a sacred energy that is associated with Source. It can act as a key to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. If you are attuned to this symbol or are considering receiving a Master Level attunement, consider yourself blessed. You are opening up a powerful channel to the Divine and allowing for grace to flow into your life. You may choose to channel this grace into different aspects of your life and also to the world at large.

When you are attuned to the Master level, you automatically carry the energy associated with this symbol in your aura. However, you may also choose to work with it more consciously at other times.

Image by Hong Zhang from Pixabay

Here are some ways to work with this sacred energy-

1. Visualise the Master symbol when you practice self-Reiki and connect with its energy. You may visualise one giant symbol or many little symbols all over your body and energy field. Do not expect anything while you do this exercise. Simply connect with the essence of this symbol and be open to whatever the energy reveals to you.

2. Meditate on the Master symbol just before you fall asleep at night. It's a high vibrational way to fall asleep.

3. Visualise, feel or draw the symbol on parts of your body where energy does not seem free flowing.

4. Draw thus symbol over your food and water. Send it to your family. Draw or visualise it on the door to your house and on your car. Send it to everything in your dwelling space. Infuse your home with its essence.

5. Send the Master symbol down into the core of Mother Earth.

6. Blow the symbol out into the world and intend that it goes where it is most needed.

Radiate the light of Reiki. Stay blessed!

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