Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Healing the Ancestral Line : Archangel Michael Speaks

Dear Ones,

I, along with my team of a million Angels, send you love and light!

We have seen many of you grieving over loved ones who have transitioned.

Maybe there was something you wanted to tell them and you couldn't.

Maybe you recognised their strengths, love and positive attributes only after they transitioned. 

Maybe you had a million reasons to be angry with them while they were around, but now feel like you could have resolved your issues, if only the ego could have been put aside.  

We see your pain, dear ones. We send love straight into your heart. Be gentle with yourself. Have compassion for yourself.

What we wish for you to know now is that everything happened for a reason. There were lessons to be learnt and karmas to be cleared. As hard as this sounds to the human self, check in with your soul to see if this holds true for you or not.  

You are now ascending to a level of consciousness, where many problems of the past don't seem like problems at all. If you were at the same higher level of consciousness back then, you may have viewed every crisis you faced in a different light. Your response to a difficult person or challenging situation may have been very different. 

There's a reason things unfolded the way they did. We want you to know that your loved ones are not really lost. They are always accessible through a consciousness dial. 

 Image by klimkin from Pixabay

We send you the following words to help you make a new and empowered heart connection with your ancestors and other loved ones on the other side.

Dear I AM Presence, I call upon you to assist me with my soul work today. I ask for the column of pure white light to envelop my body and energy field. 
Dear Archangel Michael, I request you to strengthen my energy field with the highest frequencies of power and light.

Dear Mother Mary, I request you to over light this work with your infinite love.

Dear Goddess Quan Yin, I request you to send the flame of compassion to wrap my tender heart in loving warmth.

Dear Star Mothers from across Star Systems and Space-Time, I request you to hold me in the highest and purest frequencies of starlight.

Dear Archangel Azrael, I request you to help me make a safe connection with my ancestors and family members on the other side. 

In the name of my I AM Presence-

I first ask for the purest frequency of unconditional love to envelop my own heart. 

I now call on the forces of light to help me connect with my ancestors and other loved ones that have left the Earth plane. 

I call on the forces of light to help me forgive myself for any perceived mistakes I may have made with regard to my ancestors. 

My dearest ones(mention specific ancestors/family members if you wish too), 

We experienced some difficult moments while you were in embodiment. I am sorry we had to experience anything other than love. But I trust the lessons our souls learnt together. I am now ascending to a higher 5D level of consciousness, where love stands more ground than any other form of energy. From this new level of consciousness, I wish to ask for forgiveness for any trauma that played out between us. I intend to have love form the new paradigm of my reality. I send you love from my heart. I honour the strengths and blessings you have passed on to me. And I intend that any challenges we faced together or any negative patterns we experienced are washed away into the light, to be healed and transmuted for the highest good of all. 

I am sorry. Please forgive me. I love you. Thank you (Hooponopono) 
I command the forces of light to dissolve any negative cords between us and seal us in a bubble of love and light instead. 

May peace be our new reality.

 I love you from the depths of my heart. I now wish to stay connected to you through the bubble of light. It has been an honour connecting with you today. Thank you. 

Take three deep breaths and relax. Ground yourself.
Once done, light a candle and ask that its light be sent to your entire ancestral line and to specific souls from your family line that you feel need healing.

Stay blessed, dear ones. All is well. 

Archangel Michael and Team

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 16th October, 2019. 

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