Thursday, 3 October 2019

Finding your Soul Tribe : Pleiades Speaks

Dearest Ones,

As lightworkers, you have an important role to play here.

However, at times, you feel all alone on the path.

The truth, dear ones, is that there are innumerable lightworkers scattered across the planet. Many among them belong to your very own 'Soul Tribe.' This means you have a shared common purpose with specific lightworkers in this lifetime.

Each lightworker in a Soul Tribe carries a unique piece of a puzzle they are here to unravel as a group. The puzzle piece in your hand may not be the same as the piece in a fellow lightworker's hand. However, if you are part of the same Soul Tribe, then both your pieces are needed to complete the puzzle. Therefore, dear ones, trust your intuition when it whispers that someone is part of your Soul Tribe - even when they appear to be different from you on a human level and even if they are in a different physical location than you.  

The Universe has its own way of drawing members of a Soul Tribe together. You shall unite with the members of your tribe in your own way, at your own time.

Honour the gifts the members of your Soul Tribe bring to this Earth, as you honour your own gifts.

Honour your connection with them and send them love through your heart centre.

The following light language codes carry the energetic essence of connection with your Soul Tribe.

Rizave Matse
Herave Breve
Matse Matse Matse
Matse Matse Matse

You may chant or meditate on these codes to help draw in your Soul Tribe so you may begin to fulfil your mission together.

With love, until next time
Your Star Family from the Pleiades

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 30th September, 2019. 

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