Sunday, 13 October 2019

Healing the Mother Wound : Sirius Speaks

Dear Ones,

We speak to you from the Star System of Sirius! We send you love and light!Today we wish to assist you with healing deep rooted mother wounds.

The mother is a significant aspect of every individual’s life- she is the life giver, the nurturer, the pillar, the wellspring of love and nourishment.The relationship with the mother sets the stage for one’s relationship with life itself.

However, what transpires in 3D reality is often very different from what the ‘ideal situation’ must be. This is because human mothers are also subject to the same influences of darkness, pain and trauma as every other soul incarnated on Earth.

As per her chosen path, karma and patterning, your own mother exists (or existed) at a certain level of consciousness. If you have suffered mother related wounds or are suffering from them currently, this is the time to work on healing yourself to the best possible extent.

It may help you to know, that many lightworkers choose to experience difficult mother relationships. They choose to suffer certain wounds as these wounds help them do the work of transmutation they are here to do.

However, as an awakening being of the light, you do not have to carry the burden way longer than required. Maybe these wounds served a purpose in the years gone by, when you had to clear karmas rapidly or learn some tough lessons. However, you are now ascending to a level of consciousness where holding on to these old wounds and stories does not serve you any more.

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Your mother has (or had) her own karmas to work through and her own soul path to walk on. We urge you to honour her path, as challenging as it seem on the outside. However, YOU have the power to dissolve any cords and clear any mother wounds that you may be holding on to.

We know, dear ones, that is no easy feat, for the ‘mother wound’ is one of the deepest, densest and darkest of wounds that haunts the collective consciousness of humanity. However, every little step you take to bring the light in can make a huge difference. Trust the words we speak, beautiful souls.

We send these prayerful words to you. You may choose to read it or write it down. You may also choose to do this near a fire or candle to help with greater cleansing.

Healing the Mother Wound : Prayer

Dear I AM Presence, I call upon you to assist me with my soul work today.
Dear Archangel Michael, I request you to envelop my energy field with the highest energies of power and light.

Dear Mother Mary, I request you to over light this work with your infinite love.

Dear Goddess Quan Yin, I request you to send the flame of compassion to wrap my tender heart in loving warmth.

Dear Star Mothers from across Star Systems and Space-Time, I request you to hold me in the highest and purest frequencies of starlight.

In the name of my I AM Presence-

I now ask for the light to shine on the mother wound that has grown deep within my psyche, from this lifetime as well as from lifetimes across space-time.

I ask for the gentle cleansing of all pain and trauma I may be carrying with regard to my mother.

I ask for the light to dissolve and transmute all unhealthy cords between me and my mother and to transform them into power and wisdom.

I ask for the light to heal my tender heart and also that of my mother’s to the extent that her soul allows it.

I ask for the light to help me restore any lost energy generated from the mother wound.

I choose to stand in my own power and light, no matter what.

And so it is!

Gratitude, Gratitude, Gratitude.

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 12th October, 2019.

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