Monday, 21 October 2019

WAKE UP STARSEEDS : Pleaides Speaks

Dearest Ones,

Today we wish to reiterate something we have said before. Your soul knows this already.

You are a divine child of the stars, of dimensions far beyond what your five senses can perceive.

You may not have a conscious remembrance of this. But deep within, you know what the truth is. 

You have lived as a shaman, a healer and a magician.

You have lived as a master. 

You have lived in ways that your conscious mind may not be able to fathom at the moment.

And thereafter, you have also been subject to a veil of amnesia upon Earth.... for eons.

If you resonate with these words we utter here, you just might be more ready to awaken than you realise.

You knew you would fall asleep on Earth, only to awaken after a designated period of time. You knew you wouldn't remember your origins for a very very long time. You knew you would lose touch with your inner light and power. You knew it would be scary.Yet you agreed to participate in the 'Ascension Experiment' to help Gaia make a positive shift.

 Image by Reimund Bertrams from Pixabay

You will be relieved to know that the most challenging part of the experiment is over, dearest ones. You are now awake or ready to awaken. It is only a matter of how quickly you choose to awaken now.

Knowing fully well who you are, would you still choose to be bound by victim based thinking, dear one? Would you still choose fear over love? Would you still choose helplessness over empowerment? Would you still choose scarcity over abundance consciousness?

We don't think so!

We know it's hard to transform overnight, especially after all those years of living in density. However, it's not an impossible feat for a Master like you!

You can do it, dearest souls. You can do it. You simply must make the choice to take your power back into your hands. And when you do this, with no second thoughts whatsoever, assistance shall come to you from the "Realms of Light." But the first step must be taken by you and you alone.

We are there, by your side, every minute of every day. And we are now in a position to assist you more than ever before in history! But you must send out the call, dear ones. And take that big bold leap of faith....

You can do this, like a pro!

We love you
Your Star Family from the Pleaides

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on  21st October, 2019. 

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