Friday, 25 October 2019

When Spirit Meets Science : The Star Beings Speak

Dear Lightworkers,

We speak to you from the Starship of Flava, a galactic light station. Our mission here is to help create abundance and harmony on Earth.

We are working specifically towards the Integration of Healing, as it exists in all its myriad forms and flavours on Planet Earth.

Earth, you must understand, dear ones, has been a third dimensional planet for a very long time.The levels of density there have been so high, thereby rendering humans completely disconnected from Source.

As a result of this disconnection, Gaia has been plagued by darkness of varying kinds - thought forms, wars, violence, poverty, deadly germs, illness, name a few.

The times that you are currently living in are milder, as compared to some of the timelines of the past. If your soul has had Earthly incarnations in times gone by, you may have a faint remembrance of the hardships you faced in those times. Physical survival, was a huge feat in itself.

Over a period of time, a wee bit of light began to shine on Gaia and what you today know as 'Science' took birth.

Science brought many blessings with it. As with everything else on Earth, any blessing can be used or abused. Earth is a free will zone. So, how one chooses to receive and implement the blessings of scientific advancement is completely up to each individual. 

Technological advancement made life on Earth easier. If we are able to reach you with our words today, it is thanks to the internet, that has helped connect the planet at the click of a button. 

Medical science has helped eradicate many of the darker germ energies from the planet. Through scientific advancements, it has helped save many lives, that otherwise may not have made it in the past. The approach of medical science seems aggressive and like every other system on Earth, it has its pros and cons. But you know what, dear ones, the human body, has existed at such a high level of density that it has needed an aggressive healing approach very many times.

Does that shock you?

We understand, sweet souls.

But we ask you to read that again.

The human body, has existed at such a high level of density that it has needed an aggressive healing approach very many times.

Different dimensions of reality need different approaches, depending on the physical laws that pervade that zone and its level of collective consciousness.

In this transmission, we intend to talk about the positive aspects of medical science, for this is what we need currently on Earth. By positive aspects, we mean the times when medicine helps save a life, when it gives one a new lease of life through medicine or surgery, the times when it helps manage a serious medical condition or the times it helps eradicate darkness that comes in the form of illness producing germs.

We know, dear ones, that many on Earth are not happy with the approach of medical science. They see it as a bane. But dear ones, any form of advancement on Earth can be a boon or a bane. We urge you to recognise modern medicine for the blessing that it is.

Humanity is now on the threshold of a new era. For a large section of humanity, physical survival is not as much of a challenge now as it used to be in the past. With this aspect taken care of, humans have more time and energy to focus on the evolution of their consciousness.

This era is all about bringing in new aspects to the dimension of healing and integrating these aspects with the best of modern medical science ; healing at the mental level, emotional level, energetic level and soul level. This integration of different aspects will add the grace of Spirit to the advancements of Science.

This era, dear ones, will be all about the meeting of 'Spirit and Science.'

Life on Earth is always evolving. So, you must know, dear ones, that systems of healing shall also continue to grow and evolve. Everything passes through a life cycle, before making way for something new. You are currently at a stage where modern medicine has a role to play.

When you are at a particular stage of the cycle, you must not fight it, for it shall be futile.  You must embrace it, so your light can flow into it and help make space for a higher version of the same to emerge.

We, from the Starship of Flava, are pleased to be working with many of you Starseeds and Lightworkers incarnated on Earth. You are our precious instruments on Earth. If you are a healer of any kind, we see you as our associate.

Dearest Ones, you shall shine the light. You shall be the messengers of loving balance, constant evolution and radiant victory. You shall be a living example of what we speak from here.

You shall be the ambassadors of the cosmic project called 'Spirit meets Science on Earth.'

Be blessed, sweet souls.

With all our love, until next time
The Star Beings from Flava

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 24th October, 2019. 

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