Wednesday, 30 October 2019

White Light Protection for Empaths

Many healers and lightworkers are also empaths. This means they feel extra sensitive to energies around them and also soak them up unconsciously. In the process, they lose their own valuable energy.

If you are an empath, you are likely to have experienced the fatigue generated by frequent energy loss. The more easily drained you become, the less energy you have to devote to your personal growth and lightworker mission.

I lived this way for years and often wondered why I felt so cranky and tired despite working on myself consistently. I did not realise I was empathic until some beautiful teachers of the Light taught me ways to protect my energy. 

Once I established a consistent practice of energy protection, I noticed that it made a profound difference to the quality of my life. In this article, I would like to touch on the form of energy protection called 'Column of White Light.' It is commonly practised by several experienced healers in the energy healing community. 

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The I AM Presence and Column of Light

We each have a divine aspect of us called our Higher Self. Our Higher Self directs our life as per our soul's purpose. This Higher Self is commonly referred to as the I AM Presence.

The I AM Presence can be seen as a bright and beautiful energy ball of golden white light over the crown chakra. We can put forth a request to our I AM Presence to send down a column of pure white light to envelop our body and energy field. This column acts as an invincible shield of energetic protection and helps one maintain their energy at a high level of purity.

For best results, this practice of invoking the column of white light must be done consistently, ideally every morning. It can also be invoked whenever one feels energetic intrusion or energy loss during the day. 

The benefits of this technique can only be experienced personally.

Late spiritual teacher Elizabeth Clare Prophet also talks about the 'Column of White Light' in many of her books. Her book "Violet Flame" teaches powerful decrees to invoke the 'Column of Light' as protection. Her work is a great spiritual resource for energy healers and is highly recommended.

Love and Light!

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