Monday, 4 November 2019

5D Solutions to 3D Problems : Sirius Speaks

Dear Ones, 

We send you infinite blessings of love and light! 

We are so delighted to be connecting with you in person today. It is our honour to share space with an awakening starseed of the Light. 

The role you have chosen for yourself, dear one, is not easy. You are there on Earth to help humanity with its ascension into a higher 5D level of consciousness. Ever since you incarnated on Earth, most of your consciousness has been wired to 3D. However, if you look back, you may realise that there was always one aspect of your consciousness that was expansive and high frequency in nature - that is your 5D consciousness. 

You have already experienced 5D and even higher levels of consciousness before incarnating on Earth, dear ones. So, your soul shall always retain the essence of these higher states of consciousness. 

5D is all about a heart centered existence. It is about love, wisdom, authenticity, oneness, courage, alignment, empowerment, abundance, trust, joy and such high vibrational states of being. 

3D is a more fear based existence. It is ruled by division, lack, limitation, fear, blame, control, powerlessness, doubt and other low vibrational states of being. 

A large section of humanity is currently in the grip of 3D consciousness. However, some souls are now transitioning to 5D. And YOU are one among them. 

The transition between 3D and 5D is a rather tricky one. Since you have lived in 3D for a very long time, you may find yourself getting sucked into old patterning over and over again. However,  the blessing is that you are now awakening. So, you have the power to catch yourself when you act from 3D and to choose 5D instead. This is your mission in the current time.

Dearest One, over the last few months, we have seen you struggling with a problem. When you view problems through a 3D lens, do you know what happens? Demons are unleashed, fear runs rampant, panic takes over and helplessness creeps in like a monster in the dark. And before you realise it, you are trapped in a challenging maze. You must then struggle to make your way out of this maze and find the light again.

Hereafter, whenever you face a problem or crisis on Earth, we encourage you to pick your 5D lens. View the problem through this lens and then see what appears before you. 

 Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Maybe an opportunity-

To heal
To release the past
To choose love and empowerment over fear
To transmute old patterns and alchemize them into light. 
To live like a Warrior of Light
To share your light with others in need
To become more of who you are- courageous and bold yet innocent and full of trust
To do the work you are here to do, no matter how scary it seems to the 3D version of you. 

You can do this, beloved one. You really can do this! 

We know it's scary. We know it's hard. We know it's challenging to solve 3D problems from 5D levels of consciousness, especially during this time of transition. But isn't this exactly why you're incarnated on Earth right now, sweet one?

You will never be given more than you can handle. Your Higher Self and Guardian Angels watch over you every minute. They know the path you have chosen for yourself. They whisper sweet words of encouragement to you while you are awake and asleep. Intend to listen to those words. Trust those words... 

So, what is this 3D problem you are facing right now, dear ones?

Pose it to the Warrior of Light that you are. And act from the Warrior's level of consciousness.

No matter what the problem may be, your job is to first purify and elevate your own consciousness, to dissolve any cords you may have with the problem, to take any action that is called for and to then let go, allowing for perfect solutions to emerge. 

Welcome to 5D, beautiful souls!

You are the way showers.

So, keep going..... Don't stop!

With all our love, until next time
The Sirian Council of High Priestesses

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 4th November, 2019.

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