Saturday, 16 November 2019

I AM a Master Creator : Archnagel Gabriel Speaks

Dearest Beloved Hearts,

I send you all my love. I send you the brightest and purest frequencies of orange light straight from the womb of creation.

Breathe this light into your own creative centre, your womb space, your sacral chakra. It does not matter if you are incarnated as a man or a woman. Your sacral chakra is your energetic womb space.

Allow this orange light to breathe creative force into your sacral. Allow this light to free up any latent, stagnant energies in your sacral. As your sacral comes alive, it brings your creative spark back to its fullest life potential. Breathe in this creative energy and feel it enveloping your body and your energy field. Send some of this energy down into the Earth.

You are meant to be a Master Creator, dear ones. Not just a creator of babies, but a creator of whole new worlds too. Creativity is your natural state.

 Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay

And in this significant time period, post the year 2012, Planet Earth is one such creative project of yours. You are a part of the cosmic project called 'The Golden Age of Gaia Returns.'

As an energy healer, as a Reiki channel, as a lightworker, as a modern day shaman- you are equipped with everything you need to birth this Golden Age. You signed up for this before you incarnated here. And now that you are awakening, you simply have to align with your role and get into action.

And how do you recognise your role?

By listening to the soft murmurs of your heart and the strings that have been tugging at your soul for years.

By trusting your inner voice and the directions it leads you in.

By taking steps - big or small- towards your deepest callings.

And most importantly, by making sure that your own energy is at its optimal best. This means you make an effort to heal every pain, trauma and wound you have suffered and purify your energy and consciousness consistently. For when your energy is pure, your creative potential shall flow unhindered, facing least resistance and zero obstacles along the way.

Tap into your courage, dear ones. Do not be afraid to fail. Do not be afraid to fall down and get up. Do not be afraid of how your path will unfold. Do not be afraid of the numerous 'Ifs and Buts' that haunt the collective human psyche.

Beyond the limiting zone of 'Ifs and Buts,' lies the unlimited realm of 'Infinite Possibilities and Potential" And THIS is the realm that you must choose now. For only if you choose it, do you also allow others to see that such a realm exists and that they can choose it too.

Dare to dream BIG, beautiful souls! Success may not come overnight. But if you allow your inner voice to be your guide, rest assured, that every little step you take, is a HUGE success, irrespective of whether the human ego sees it as such or not.

Every time you choose love, you succeed.

Every time you transmute toxic thoughts and emotions, you succeed.  

Every time you take off the mask and express your authentic self in the world, you succeed.

Every time you purify your consciousness, you succeed.

Every time you honour the loving guidance of your inner voice, you succeed.

Every time you stay firmly balanced between heaven and earth, you succeed.

Every time you choose passion and courage, you succeed.

Every time you take a little step towards your soul's calling, you succeed.

Dearest Bravehearts of the Light, I am here to assist you with being the Master Creator that you came here to be. I am just a call away. However, since you are the one incarnated in flesh and blood, you must take the earthly steps that are required of you from time to time...boldly, courageously, trusting in the Light.

And the Light, dear ones, shall never fail you.

Take a deep breath in and allow this breath to go all the way down to the feet and into the core of Divine Mama Earth.  And affirm with courage and strength-

I AM Success. 
I AM Victory
I AM Creativity

And so it shall be.

Stay blessed, sweet souls.
With all my love
Archangel Gabriel

In service to the Divine and to Gaia, this message was channelled by Haripriya Suraj on 31st October, 2019. 

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